Blackberry Storm Sold Out on First Day: Thousands More to Come

When Verizon announced that it was going to release the Blackberry Storm on November 14, the world responded with a unanimous “Hurrah!” Thousands ordered online, and of course, thousands more lined up at Verizon Wireless stores around the United States to get their own Blackberry Storms.

For those who would like it for free, Verizon is giving away the unit if you sign up for their services for at least two years. After the two years lock-in period, the Blackberry Storm is yours.

Unfortunately, demand was much higher than supply, and the debut day of the Blackberry Storm had people grumbling at 8 o’clock in the morning because the united sold out almost immediately.

Stirring up a Storm

When the Smartphone market opened its eyes on November 14, 2008 a newcomer threatened to immediately eclipse the market leader, Apple’s own iPhone with killer features and dimensions that were neither too bulky nor too small.

The demand for the new Blackberry Storm was so intense, and the optimism for the company who released it so high that the stock market recorded a triumphal 5% increase in shares for Verizon, 5% over a Smartphone is definitely a victory and the company is responding appropriately by having more shipments of the Smartphone these coming months.

On the day that the Blackberry Storm was released, Vodafone suddenly shined like a supernova, and went so far as to beating down AT&T, whose stocks were priced at $23.76, while Vodafone had a significant edge at $26.90.

This is a good sign for Vodafone, since the global financial crisis is upon the whole world, and everyone needs a ray of sunshine every once in a while. Such victories only mean that there is hope for the international market.

Quelling the competition is key- and that is what Research in Motion’s Blackberry Storm just did. It took the world literally by storm and affected even the company’s position in the global financial arena. Coincidence or pure force of the market? The latter would probably be the reason, and this bright ray of sunshine would surely continue in the coming months, if the demand does not decrease.

For the Holidays

Why did Verizon and Research in Motion wait for the last minute before releasing the Blackberry Storm? It is the opportunity that Verizon was after, considering that the Christmas season is coming up, and a svelte new Smartphone was definitely something pleasurable to give as gifts.

Last year, Verizon was able to introduce four different types of mobile phones during the same time of the year, but the impressive performance of the Blackberry Storm far outstrips those, which makes the company take notice immediately.

Right now, Verizon is focusing on marketing as many Blackberry Storms as possible, in its infinite drive to be number 1in an Apple dominated market. Smaller companies like Nokia are also present, but the arrival of the Blackberry Storm took the world completely off guard.

People loved the touchscreen technology and the price; which makes Verizon smile that much too.


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