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Blancpain Has Won a Very High Position in Ladies Watchmaking Industry

  • By Lauren Hu
  • Published 04/20/2012

Blancpain ultra-thin painted watch

To break the tradition? Undeniably true. Be in line with modern trends? Absolutely correct. Designed specifically for women? Tailor-made. This Blancpain watch has a very bold and avant-garde design. Decorated with a twisted cord trim mother of pearl dial, combination of diamonds and silk strap make it look eye-catching, natural and gorgeous. Diamonds dotted dewdrop makes the whole watch more smart and witty. Two lines of exquisite inlaid diamonds make the classic double bezel more exuberant. She like a lotus, is the symbol of pure and perfect eternity. These unique features of Blancpain have won a very high position in the women watchmaking industry and strongly evidence strong personality and character. It is these outstanding features that create perfect Audemars Piguet replica with a very high reputation.

Blancpain Ladybird Collection painted watch

After World War II, the wo

rld gradually restored calmly and returned to normal track. Blancpain watches put watchmaking creative focus on the development of women’s watch. Small size at the time was the fashion mainstream. Blancpain played its creative and professional talent to reduce parts of the mechanical movement to minimum into the limited space of women’s watch. What’s the most important, functionality of reading time and aesthetic appearance have been taken into account. Finally Blancpain’s watchmakers have done it. In 1956, they created the world’s smallest mechanical movement – Ladybird, immediately caused an immediate sensation.After continuous development and improvement, in addition to manual winding Ladybird, more complex and more difficult self-wind Ladybird also came out after a few years. It represented watchmaking technology had entered into a new milestone.

Careful research and watchmaking craftsmanship have this small and delicate fashion Ladybird always be the focus of attention. With the larger size, it also maintains its light and slim, giving a sophisticated watch with more historical significance to modern women.


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