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Blancpain villeret watches perfectly heritage the tradition

  • By Donald Medrano
  • Published 04/10/2011
  • Fiction

Since the 1980s, Blancpain watches of Villeret series have perfectly transmitted the traditional essences of the brand and their classic charms never disappear. In 2010, Blancpain declared to reshape the styles and images of the Villeret series. The nine new styles watches will debut one by one. These pieces congregate the 8-days power reserve complicated watches of full calendar and moon phase timer function together with those classic pocket watches. With the astonishing technology and intelligence, they have shocked the watches world. After thirty years, double round bezel design, Roman numerals and low-key, reserved elegant aesthetic, all together create the eternal legends of Blancpain Villeret series timepieces. These classic design elements will be perfectly echoed by the new products in 2010, which will not only make an interpretation to Villeret style, but add with the innovation mechanism developed by Blancpain movement. They are all pieces of impeccable perfect watches.Villeret series in 2010 are all new watches of full-calendar and moon phases’ technology

which are always the best expr

essions of the Villeret series craftsmanship. The special movements of Blancpain watches are with the built-in automatic mechanism especially with the magnetic scale and two springs to ensure 72-hour power reserve. Villeret series have the complex and sophisticated craftsmanship just like the perpetual calendar watches. Their adjust way is quite new and there is no need to worry that the movement will be damaged. In order to facilitate adjustment, they are also equipped with a new patent for its adjustment device which is below the watch ears. Therefore, it is very simple and refreshing of the sides. At the same time, the wearer can complete the calibration process just by lightly touching with fingertips and without any professional tools.In the date displaying, the watches have inherited the ancient watch making tradition of the 18th century which using the blue steel snake-like pointer on the dial. According to the tradition, except the pointer of the time, the other pointers on the dial can be the blue snake-like steel to identify the different indicators. This kind of watches is available of two materials: rose gold and platinum that are all designed with the baked enamel dial plates.



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