Bleaching Cream for Dark Spots


Authored by Ruth Dsouza Prabhu in Skin Care
Published on 11-04-2009

Everybody envies a good complexion. Clear skin that is blemish-free and as kissable as a baby’s cheeks is something we all hope to have. Dark spots are one of the most common skin complaints prevalent. These can occur for a variety of reasons such as excessive exposure to the sun, hormonal imbalances, acne, a reaction to medication, aging and many more. No matter what the causes, there is a constant search for products that will help get rid of these dark spots and bring forth a good complexion.

A commonly used product to get rid of dark spots is bleaching cream. These creams (that also go by the name of fade creams) contain ingredients such as elegic acid, azelaic acid, hydroquinone, or kojic acid. These are active substances that work on lightening melanin deposits on your skin. And since melanin is responsible for the deposit of skin pigments, bleaching creams ensure that you have a clearer complexion. This task however cannot be accomplished by age spot creams as they are unable to lighten your skin color beyond its original shade.

How to Bleach Your Skin

The process of skin bleaching is an old one. Bleaches can be used on the hair as well as on the skin. Since the aim of a bleaching cream is to lighten the tone of your skin, it contains ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide that can prove harmful to your skin if not used properly. Here are some guidelines that you need to follow when using a bleaching cream:

  • Before you use any bleaching cream on your face, do a patch test. Apply a little of the cream behind your ear or on your elbow. Watch for any reactions for at least two days before you decide to use it.
  • Bleaching cream is not meant to be used around the eyes and nose as these are sensitive areas.
  • Always apply the bleaching cream only on the areas that you want lightened.
  • Once you have used a bleaching cream, apply a sunscreen lotion with a minimum of SPF 30, half an hour prior to your stepping out into the sun.
  • Refrain from using soap. Instead, use a good quality face wash that is suited to your skin type.

Some Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Try and find a good quality bleaching cream that can easily be used under your regular makeup.
  • Since you are trying to lighten dark spots, apply the product only on the affected areas. Else you might end up with patches of skin that have lightened.
  • Use a bleaching cream regularly, over an extended period of time. This will give your skin time to lighten gradually. Speeding up the process will have your skin attain an unnatural fairness, especially in relation to the rest of your body
  • Keep in mind that the effect of a bleaching cream is only for as long as you use the product. Your skin will return to original hues once you stop using the product. The ideal thing to do is to use a bleaching cream on your dark spots in moderation.

As with any beauty product, there can also be a flip side to bleaching creams. Skin irritation is the most common negative, followed by the cost. Moreover, bleaching creams are not a foolproof method and don’t work for many people. There are also several others who are allergic to bleaching creams that are factory produced. They will have to resort to one of the several other methods of lightening dark spots. There are also several recipes for home made bleaches that are easily available.

A healthy diet, proper protection when exposed to the sun and a healthy lifestyle go a long way in preventing as well as delaying the onset of dark spots. Before you use a bleaching cream it would be prudent to seek the advice of a beauty consultant or a skin specialist.


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