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Bling bling, accessories’ fantasy gonna rock your style

  • By Murphy Beverly
  • Published 03/13/2011
  • Non-Fiction

Since the cold days are getting closer, girls I’m sure you still want to shine in the street instead of burying in the thick clothes. We’ve got so many spots this season paillette, rivet, patent leather, leopard, skeleton and so on. I can not list them all,but they already dazzled you,didn’t they? Accessory updating, let’s see what can make you the shiny focus. Beauty starts from the top of you.   In seasons like fall and winter,dark clothes are always playing the leading role, and then we need something bright to light up your style. Now what is indispensable must be a hat,a light blue hat with lace and bowknot probably won’t make a Miss universe, but it definitely can build some hyaline beauty.Especially for college girls, a delicate hat like this is going to help you catch the guys’eyes. Some sparks build some sexy lady.   Thick clothes just make you like a ball, how can you still hold sexy in such seasons? An appropriate handbag could do you the fever.Remember paillette?There is one Marc Jacob flagship handbag with fabulous paillettes absolutely going to blink your eyes.Since naked color is go on to lead the tide and fill the air in this season, if you want to be the sexy star among your friends,the naked colored one with natured colored paillettes could never be the second option. Exaggerate you style.   Look at the sleeves of your T-shirt, do you feel empty? Do you feel like you need something to activate it? Let me show you some exaggerated bracelets that you can’t miss.When you finished your smoky eyes and wearing your motorcycle jacket, a metal bracelet can make you perfect.Or you just get rid of your traditional bracelet, some irregular ones could be your now favorite. Now the bracelets are not just for wrist,they can wearing on your arms, which going to be another charming style.



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