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Blogging For Money: Methods To Earn Money From Your Blog

  • By Karen Winton
  • Published 05/30/2011
  • Writing

When you surf the World Wide Web, you’ll notice that there are really countless blogs that have been built. You see, writing a blog is not only a form of hobby – blogging for money is also possible, and is, in fact, one of the main reasons why a lot of people blog. There are several methodologies of making money with blogs which will be discussed below, so if you wish to earn money from your blog, read on: Setting up your own blog is a very easy process. There are lots of blog sites out there which you can utilize for free. If you want your own domain, you can also do so and only shell out a very minimal fee. Once you have your site, you can select a design template for the look of your website; of course, if you plan to profit from writing a blog, it is best that you choose a professional looking theme. Before you can start blogging for money, remember too that you need to make the blog popular, or with many followers. You should promote your site to your friends and family, make use of good and relevant keywords, among others, for you to attract a lot of readers and find making money with blogs to be easier. The more followers you have, the quicker and less difficult it will be for you to earn money from your blog. The following are the top ways you can become a blogger who earns: 1. Advertise or become an affiliate

Anyone writing a blog and who has lots of readers or followers can actually offer advertising spaces on hi

s or her site. You can let business owners or product creators post ads e.g. banner ads on the website for a fee, of course. Blogging for money can also result from joining an affiliate program. This means you’ll promote the products or the services of other people through your posts, and get commission for every click on the link from your website or for every sale that results from your promotions. 2. Sell your own creation or a service you specialize in Another method of making money with blogs is for you to come up with a product of your own e.g. a tutorial, an e-book, a craft your made, and so on, and then, promote your stuff on your actual blog. You can also earn money from your blog if you use it to promote your services e.g. research paper writing, article writing, and so on. 3. Write product reviews Writing a blog can also be profitable if you offer to write reviews for businesses, companies, or people, and get paid for those reviews. Of course, for this to happen, your site should have lots of followers first, so that your clients will know that you can influence people to check out their products or their services. Make sure to come up with reviews that are convincing and informative, and of course, contain the pros and the cons of each product or service, but in the end will still be able to put those products or services in positive light or good light.

These are some of the most effective suggestions if you are interested in blogging for money. Try them and be amazed at how possible it is for you to really earn money from your blog.



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