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Blue Black Ink Mixing


My first batch of mixed ink, using my favorite Noodler’s Blue Black as the base

I was pretty excited about my purchase of the ink mixing kit that I got for my fountain pen inks, and I thought that doing a review of one of my first mixed inks would be a great office supply review to do.  When I did the review of the ink mixing kit, I made 12 different ink concoctions because there were 12 vials that it came with, and the one I was most excited about was this one that was made using mostly Noodler’s Blue Black, one of my favorite colors.

I assumed that mixing my favorite color to try and make a slightly lighter version would be a fun experiment, so I set out and mixed up the following recipe with my new ink mixing kit:

-1 part Noodler’s Blue Black

-1/2 part Noodler’s Lexington Gray

-1/4 part Noodler’s Whiteness of the Whale

After mixing the ink, I looked at my creation in the vial and thought that it looked pretty nice in there, but really didnt have anything to compare it to because I had never seen a sample of the Noodler’s Blue Black in a tube like that which allowed so much light through it.  After a few days of sitting in the vial (partially to make sure there was no strange chemical reaction that turned the ink into goo or melted the vial) I decided to load my Lamy Safari and give it a test writing.  I think the following scan probably speaks for itself:


Noodler’s Blue Black ink side by side with the not so special OSG mix

So as you can see there is hardly any difference between the Noodler’s Blue Black and my attempt at making a slightly lighter version of it.  I probably should have known better, or thought about this a little more but the result is pretty disappointing.  At least I have 11 other vials of ink that I mixed up to see if one of those came out a little better, but I figured for the sake of letting others learn from my mistakes, Id still post this review anyway.

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