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Blue fountain pen ink reviews


I always anticipate the alternating Wednesday when JetPens uploads their new products for sale so I can grab some cool new things before they sell out and review them here.  Recently I was surprised to see that they now have their own line of JetPens Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge (via JetPens) in black and blue, so I grabbed the blue version for a quick review here today. … [Read more…]


Today we are taking a look at Pelikan Edelstein Aquamarine – 2016 Ink of the year that I picked up from our friends at Goldspot, you can find it here on the Goldspot website.  Although I didn’t bother asking for any sort of blogger discount I am obligated to point out that Goldspot is a sponsor of our website here, but that in no way shape or form impacts the review of this product.  As many of you reading the site probably know I pretty much love all of … [Read more…]


Today we have a great guest post that takes a look at the experience of using fountain pens for lefties.  It was written by friend of the blog and prolific left handed wrist watch blogger at The Wrist Watch Review and A Blog toWatch, Patrick Kansa (@abtw_patrick).  Many thanks to Patrick for providing this view that as a right handed writer I could never provide for our great readers here.  I think you its a great read regardless of which hand you write … [Read more…]


I picked up this bottle of J. Herbin Bleu Azur (via Vanness Pens) at the DC Pen show.  I’ll admit I was part drawn in by the “cute” small 10mL bottle and also the bright blue, almost Kool-Aid look that it had to it.  With that said, maybe I should have had a better reason for deciding to purchase this ink. … [Read more…]


Noodler’s Q Eternity Blue Black (via Goldspot) is part of their fast drying inks that takes pleasure in mocking the questionable Federal Reserve policy of “printing” excess currency in attempts to help stimulate the economy, known as Quantitative Easing.  The spawn of this name for the ink comes from the fact that there seemed to be a never ending current of these QE events that were given names to reflect their chronological occurance over time.  It all … [Read more…]


A while back the nice folks from Goulet Pens sent us a few items free of charge for review, so today we are looking at the second of those items which is Noodler’s 54th Massachusetts Fountain Pen Ink.  The unique ink is named after the first all African American regiment in the Civil War that fought for equal pay as compared to their white counterparts.  Its a great looking blue black ink, so without further ado lets jump into our Noodlers 54th … [Read more…]


The premium line of Pelikan Fountain Pen ink, branded with the name Edelstein has been an instant favorite ever since I first tried the Aventurine color back in early 2011.  I recently saw on the Goldspot.com website that they came out with a new color, Tanzanite which is essentially a blue black shade…so now we have one of my favorite inks also in my favorite color, making it a no brainer of a purchase.  For full disclosure this purchase came with a … [Read more…]


Back when I ordered my TWSBI 540 Demonstrator, I also grabbed some of this Pilot Namiki Iroshizuku Tsuki-Yo Moonlight Fountain Pen Ink from Goldspot, with a nice little discount there from my friends.  Now that I have a few weeks worth of use of this ink under my belt, I’m really pleased with it and thought I’d share my thoughts on it with you on this ink that falls into the premium and blue black categories. … [Read more…]


Fountain pen ink can be a funny thing, there are tons of different characteristics about it that can make one person love it, while another might hate it.  In the case of this new Noodler’s Bernanke Blue, the funny thing about it is the name.  This new fast drying ink from Noodler’s is named in “honor” of Chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke.  Bernanke has long been criticized for the massive amounts of stimulus and government spending that is … [Read more…]


Having used my Pelikan Edelstein Aventurine Green fountain pen ink for a while, I was itching to get my hands on one of their blues.  After a bit of research I decided on the Pelikan Edelstein Fountain Pen Ink in Topaz.  I decided on the Topaz because I felt that other than black, it was probably the most day-to-day business friendly color, that still has some character to it. … [Read more…]


There is a nice little store in New Orleans, LA called Papier Plume that sells fine writing supplies that I was lucky enough to have a chance to check out back in March.   I couldn’t have been happier that I got a chance to stop there because they had some really nice pens, notebooks, stationery, and inks to be seen, and the staff was incredibly nice.  I highly recommend you check the place out if you are in New Orleans and looking for some nice writing … [Read more…]


In June I visited Washington DC and did a tour of the local stationery stores to see what cool office supplies I could dig up.  One of the places I stopped was Fahrney’s Pens, and I am glad I made it a point to get there.   While I was there checking out all of the great pens and notebooks,  I also picked up a bottle of their Midnight Blues Ever Write Fountain Pen Ink. … [Read more…]


Private Reserve has come out with a new line of fountain pen ink that goes by the “Invincible” name, meaning that it is designed to be fraud resistant and very permanent.  Lucky for me, Tom over at Goldspot.com was kind enough to offer up a bottle of it for me in trade for something else so I could give it a try and review it.  This review will take a look at the Private Reserve Invincible Aqua Blue, with a focus on its being fraud resistant. … [Read more…]


I’ve had this Noodler’s Eternal Luxury Blue ink for a while now, and with all of last week’s reviews on beginner fountain pens I feel like I’ve been in a little bit of fountain pen review mode.  After today’s, review I’m going to give it a rest for a little bit and review some other cool office supplies.  I actually commented about this ink back when I did my first fountain pen review on the site, which was for my Lamy Studio with the EF nib. … [Read more…]


I posted a half day poll to allow our readers to pick the next item that they wanted to see reviewed.  The overwhelming winner was the Noodler’s Blue Black fountain pen ink that I got here from Goldspot.  I was a little surprised by this, but happy at the same time because I was not aware of how many fountain pen fans there were out there.  Hope everyone enjoys the Noodler’s Blue Black Fountain Pen Ink review and finds it helpful. … [Read more…]

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