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Blueline MiracleBind Notebook Review


MiracleBind Notebook by Blueline

This MiracleBind Notebook by Blueline may look like an ordinary hard cover notebook at first glance, but that is definitely not the case.  The Blueline MiracleBind is actually an alternative or competitor to the functionality offered by the Levenger Circa disc binding system.


Blueline MiracleBind Notebook Paper Removeddouble wire coil binding.

You are probably familiar with the Levenger Circa line of notebooks which have a disc binding system that allows you to pull out and add back in sheets of paper.  The Blueline MiracleBind notebooks do the same thing, but instead of relying on a disc system, the paper pulls out of, and re-inserts back into a double bound coil ring  The paper itself is reinforced with lightly laminated edges to help keep the paper a bit stiffer and make it more durable so it can stand up to being added and removed from the notebook.


Blueline MiracleBind Notebook Graph Paper

This particular version of the Blueline MiracleBind Notebook measures 9.25 inches by 7.25 inches and comes with 150 pages, 5 of which are graph paper.  In the back of the notebook there is a clear plastic sheet with a few pockets in it that can hold business cards, index cards and larger single sheets of paper.  Additionally, the back also has a sheet of labels which you can also see pictured below.  The thick cardboard cover has a fake snake skin texture to it which is a bit glossy.


Blueline MiracleBind Clear Pocket

It is never easy to photography anything clear, especially with my rather amateur-ish photography skills, but above is the single clear pocket sheet that is also removable.  I’ve put an index card in one of the smaller two pockets, but above that there is also a larger pocket.  The smaller pockets are good for things like index cards, business cards or maybe even credit cards, although you should probably keep a credit card somewhere a little more secure.  The larger pocket is good for holding larger sheets of paper up to the size of the paper found in the notebook.  The plastic sheet is itself also removable.


Blueline MiracleBind Labels

The single sheet of labels that come with the Blueline MiracleBind notebook includes:

  • 12 blank tabs
  • 4 blank spine labels
  • one set of alpha sorting tabs with an extra tab for email/phone numbers
  • 4 front cover labels

The labels that adhere to the cover and spine do a very nice job of being able to be stuck on and removed when necessary without leaving any sticky residue behind.  This was noticed in a short term test, but obviously you may get different results over a prolonged period of time, especially if you have humidity or heat conditions that normally impact such things. epson025-222x300-6786153

Blueline MiracleBind Notebook Writing Sample

I found writing on the paper in the Blueline MiracleBind notebook to be a fairly pleasant experience.  I tested the paper with a fountain pen, gel ink, rollerball ink, a Sharpie pen, and a hybrid ballpoint pen.  Usually I’m pretty picky about show through on paper, and I can say that although this paper did have some show through with the fountain pen ink it wasn’t even noticeable enough to make me not want to write on the other side of the paper.  The other pens mentioned did not generate any noticeable show through.  Adding and removing the pages from the notebook was a pretty effortless process and you will notice in the writing sample above, I’ve used the perforations to remove the punched edges of the paper that latch onto the coil binding of the notebook.  The paper seemed to hold up well to several moves in and out of the notebook, and the only issue I found was that sometimes folding the notebook over (front cover touching back cover) one of the last pages would sometimes start to slip out of the binding.

Summary of the Blueline MiracleBind Notebook.

Overall I think the MiracleBind Notebook by Blueline might be a more low key and inexpensive alternative to the Levenger Circa line while offering some of the same modular qualities.  Just like the Levenger Circa line of product, the Blueline MiracleBind product line has lots of accessories as well as various formats of planners/calendars.  Have a look at those two links to see all of the Blueline MiracleBind products.

©2016, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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