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Body shape and dress the groom with the principles

  • By Chinese Food
  • Published 06/2/2011
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Body shape and dress the groom with the principlesTall and wearing a large groom for any type of dress, especially the most outstanding double-breasted and tuxedo.Short stature type of groom dress style best suited to simple, single-breasted or pointed collar dress-up is very suitable. Avoid tuxedo, Summer Wedding Dresses lapel or dress and these dresses will make legs look shorter.

Build lean body type, if the groom is tall and thin men more, we recommend wearing the body cut some circles, the use of make you look a little amount of dress stature to cover slim stature. Body fat than the groom, is more suitable level of oral, but should avoid the new moon than the round collar; suit and collar, sword angular understand Rich’s face is m

ore suitable. Try to choose a dark color Discount Wedding Dresses line, to avoid light-colored, double-breasted tuxedo dress and open.Mature leader is to groom select the new moon, but right then, this is the preferred coat collar-shaped young man; sword with some vested suit collar and conservative leader, who was slightly older favorite choice of styles.Type the groom for a simple style beer belly, dark single-breasted dress, this style can visually lengthen the body shape slightly. Remember not to wear double-breasted, tuxedo, because this type of dress will be the focus of attention is easy to position on the stomach.Tall, short, fat, thin, regardless of the groom’s stature does not matter, as long as the Simple Wedding Dresses to wear to advantage, will add much color for the wedding.



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