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Bookmarker Flag Pen


Bookmarker Flag Pen by Everyday Innovations

Back in May when I went to the 2009 National Stationery Show to scout out some unique office supplies, I ran into Alan Regala from Everyday Innovations and he showed me the new Bookmarker Flag Pen and Bookmark that they were introducing.  It struck me as being such a simple but basic idea so it really had my attention as a new office supply that could really make peoples lives a bit easier by giving them less to carry around.  Lucky for me, Alan was kind enough to send over a sample of the Bookmarker free of charge for me to review and share with you.


The back of the Bookmarker package shows the multiple purposes that make this such a unique office supply.

There are a few things about the Bookmarker that make this a really unique item that I think lots of people would really find useful to have in their stash of school or office supplies.  As you can see from the back of the package, (and also tell from its name) the Bookmarker acts as a bookmark, a sticky flag dispenser, a pen, and also an elastic closure for your book or notebook.  The super flat design of the Bookmarker allows for it to be stashed away inside of your notebook without causing any significant buckling or warping of the spine of your notebook, and it also makes for a large enough flat surface to store two different colors of sticky flags.

You might be a little skeptical of a pen that is so thin and flat, and I must admit that I was too, but when I started writing with it I immediately saw how the design helps to alleviate any issues that you might have thought you would encounter.  Two main design features help to make this a comfortable pen to write with.  The fist thing that makes this pen easy to write with is the curved section where your index finger rests towards the tip of the pen.  The slight curved or cut out section gives you a place to steady your finger and control the direction of the pen.  As the body of the pen begins to get wider, the widest section of the pen rests firmly between the first and second knuckle of your finger which keeps the pen from rolling uncontrollably between your fingers.


Everyday Innovations Bookmarker writing sample and flags.

The picture above shows the multiple features of the Bookmarker.  The ballpoint pen, although never a favorite writing tool of mine writes surprisingly well, with smooth, dark, and solid lines, and as I alluded to before, despite the unique design, it is still a comfortable pen to write with.  The sticky flags that come with this pen come in two semi-transparent colors, orange and yellow.  I like the fact that the flags are semi-transparent because it lets you not have to worry about covering up any text in the book or notebook you are working in.  I also did a test to remove and re-stick the flags a dozen or so times and they seemed to hold their grip each time.  In addition to being easy to move around, the flags can also be written on pretty easily with the ballpoint pen to help organize your notes.


The Bookmarker closed snugly in a Miquelrius notebook.

Now what makes this a really unique office supply is that once you are done with taking your notes and reading, you can just close this flat pen in your notebook and wrap the elastic strap around the book to keep it securely shut.  The elastic used for the strap on the Bookmarker seems quite firm, Ive noticed that some elastic bands strapped to notebooks can sometimes seem a bit flimsy, but that is not the case here.  Now that you have your pen, your bookmark, and your sticky flags tucked neatly inside of your notebook, its simple to either shove the whole thing into a backpack or just carry it in your hand without worrying about dropping or juggling a regular round pen, or a dispenser of sticky flags….AND your notebook is now being held shut, so if you have any loose papers in there, you dont have to worry about them slipping out.

This is a really helpful office supply, and I definitely recommend it for any student or business person who is constantly on the go and packing their stuff up between classes or meetings.  Amazon has the Bookmarker for $5.99, and they also offer a package of 4 (25 ea.) flag pads, 2 pen refills for only $3.99.

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