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Booq Viper Hardcase and Dell XPS 13


Booq Viper Hardcase for the Dell XPS13 – Interior View:

Not too long ago I picked up this Booq Viper Hardcase (via Amazon) so I would have a safe place to tuck away my Dell XPS13 when I travel.  I had been eyeing it for a while before I actually picked it up, but I’m glad I did, because it helped keep my laptop safe and sound while I was traveling the last few days.


Besides snugly holding my Dell XPS 13, the Booq Viper Hardcase also held a small notebook, in this case the fairly small Black n’ Red notebook that measures 4 1/8″ x 5 7/8″ (via Amazon) as well as a few pens like my JetStream multi-pen and Stainless Steel Sharpie.  I could definitely fit additional items in here if I wanted to, but my goal was to pack light.


Above is a picture with those same items actually tucked away inside the Booq Viper Hardcase.  The case has two large pockets on either side that are both capable of holding the Dell XPS 13, although this case was specifically designed for the MacBook Air 13 inch.  The Dell XPS 13 measures about 12 inches by 8 inches and is a shade over half an inch thick at its thickest point.  The two smaller pockets you see where the notebook is and the pens are clipped on measure about 8 inches deep and 6 inches wide.  Each of the pockets are neoprene so they stretch a little and help keep a snug fit for whatever you place in there.  The yellow backed pocket that you see on top would be best suited for a magazine or some documents because although its other side is fairly hard and offers some protection, its the other pocket on the bottom that is actually lined with a bit of a cushioned material.

Booq Viper Hardcase for the Dell XPS13 – Exterior View


The outside of the Booq Viper Hardcase is coated with 1682 denier cross-weave ballistic nylon which gives it a pretty rugged feel and also makes it water resistant.  Keep in mind though that it is only water RESISTANT, and the zippered sides in no way are meant to keep water out.  This is more just designed to resist spills or help you out if you are caught out in a light rain possibly.  Speaking of the zippers though, they are pretty sturdy with good size pulls to grab onto.  My only real gripe is that the items pictured above sitting on the case (the battery pack and plug for the Dell XPS 13) do not really fit in the case and allow it to close comfortably.  There are definitely limitations to what else you can put in this, and I think my laptop, notebook and those few pens are really about all you are going to get away with before the case gets warped out of shape when you close it.


Here is a close up of those zipper pulls and the external shell.  I will note too though, that although this is called the Booq Viper Hardcase, the outside of the case is still flexible and not completely hard or rigid.  This isn’t to say that it lacks protection as I think it feels nicely padded and has those three speed bump type ridges on the top to add some cushioning.  Even with that little naming issue and the fact that it doesn’t hold a heck of a lot more than just your laptop, I’m still thrilled with my purchase because it does a great job and keeps things simple because at the end of the day this is getting put into a laptop bag or other carry on type bag when I travel.  I can’t speak to its compatibility with the MacBook Air 13 that it was designed for, but the Booq Viper Hardcase (via Amazon) is definitely a winner for keeping my Dell XPS 13 safe and sound when I travel.

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