Bose Wave Music System Review

Bose has created a variety of incredible music systems. The science behind all of these systems relies on a simple concept: bigger is not necessarily better. Bose products use acoustic principles to deliver high quality sound in different environments.

The Bose Wave music system is also based on this concept. Here’s a look at the system, and what it offers.


The Bose Wave doesn’t look like much. That’s not to say that it looks bad, just very, very small. There’s a simple LCD display and two curved speakers. Buttons on the front of the Bose Wave provide functions for AM, FM, and CD play. The CD player is a feed design, meaning it pulls in the disc once it detects it.

One of the advantages of the system is that it will fit pretty much anywhere. You could easily fit the Bose Wave under a counter in a crowded kitchen. The size and design make it a perfect fit for most decors. The included remote control makes it easy to control from anywhere in your house, too.


You don’t buy a $500 sound system for the looks, of course. In the sound department, the Bose Wave delivers. Regardless of where in the room you are, there’s full stereo sound. All critical frequencies are well represented to give you a balanced sound regardless of the music you put on. You’ll notice the difference between the Bose Wave and other systems when listening to CDs. Unfortunately, the difference is less pronounced with the radio settings. If you use MP3 CDs with the Bose Wave, you may also notice some sound degradation. This isn’t the fault of the system, though; by definition, MP3s lose a bit of the sound from their source. Therefore, this is really an ideal system for anyone with an extensive CD collection. It’s got a top range CD player and great sound reproduction. If you’re into MP3s, though, you may be a bit disappointed.

The Bose Wave is loud, too. Not ear shatteringly loud, of course, but at high volumes it’s just as accurate.


You’ll have to determine for yourself whether the Bose Wave is actually worth $500. If you’re a casual music listener, it’s probably not worth the price of admission. You’re certainly paying a little bit for the Bose name. You’re also paying something for the small size of the player–it takes a lot of engineering to get so much sound in such a small box.

There may be less expensive products that can deliver the sound of the Bose Wave music system. Audiophiles often point to similar systems from less well-known companies, especially where Bose is concerned. Still, it’s a very solid product from a company that’s famous for fantastic sound. This is a great choice for home listening, and an ideal gift.

Regular Bose fans know what to expect from the long line of Bose products. The Wave music system falls right in line with their high expectations.

Have you tried the Bose Wave music system? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.


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