Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment


Authored by Brandy Burgess in Hair Care
Published on 10-15-2009

Brazilian keratin hair treatments are designed to relax curls and visibly straighten hair. Salons all over the United States have been recommending this treatment for those who have frizzy, curly or unmanageable hair. The Brazilian keratin treatment leaves the hair straight, smooth and shiny. This state of the art hair treatment allows you to finally style your hair the way you always wanted to. Besides these physical aspects, the keratin treatment has many other benefits.

Natural Ingredients

Many people stray away from hair straightening products as they contain harsh chemicals that can dry and damage the hair. There is no need to worry about this factor with the Brazilian keratin hair treatment because it does not contain those harmful chemicals. Instead, the keratin treatment relaxes and straightens the hair using the active ingredient keratin. Keratin is a protein that is similar to the components in your natural hair. This treatment works best on people who have had their hair colored, highlighted or chemically treated in the past.

How Long and How Much?

Unlike most chemical hair straighten treatments; the Brazilian keratin hair treatment actually strengthens the cuticles of the hair. On average, the keratin treatment usually takes about two hours, depending on the length and thickness of the hair. Prices for this treatment usually start at around $150 per treatment. This is not such a bad deal considering similar treatments, such as a thermal reconditioning, can take up to five hours and cost more than $500 per treatment.

The Process

The Brazilian keratin treatment should be done by a professional in a salon setting. When your stylist begins the process, they will make a solution with the keratin. They will then use a 450-degree iron to seal the outside layer of the cuticles. The iron sticks to the rough edges of the cuticles, trapping moisture inside, thus hydrating the hair. The hair may seem too straight at first but will then relax to a natural, sleek look.

The Risks

Although the Brazilian keratin treatment has natural relaxers, it does not go without risks. The keratin formula contains formaldehyde. This is a type of carcinogen that can potentially irritate both the eyes and lungs. The Brazilian keratin treatment has a higher level of formaldehyde then considered safe by the OSHA. If the treatment is done in a room that is not well ventilated, there is a small possibility that the client could have unwanted side effects such as a burning sensation. Other side effects include fading of the hair color, damage and dryness.


The Brazilian keratin hair treatment is not for everyone. It will completely straighten the hair so it’s important to try your hair out straight for a few weeks prior to see if you enjoy straight as an everyday look. When searching for the right stylist to conduct this keratin treatment, you should consider a professional hairdresser with many years of experience in straightening treatments. Although curls are not a bad look, some people prefer the ease of straight and sleek hair and that is where the Brazilian keratin hair treatment fits in.


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