Breakfast Options for the Diabetic

It is undeniable that breakfast is the easiest meal to skip during the hectic schedules many face throughout their daily routines. Some people blame the morning rush, a lack of hunger upon waking, or even a dislike of breakfast foods in general as the root of not starting out the morning right. But, especially for diabetics, it is also the most important meal not to skip. Many suggest employing a routine which alternates between two different breakfast items every other day as a way to build breakfast into the daily grind.

Breakfast doesn’t have to be anything fancy either. Instead of waiting to eat until lunch rolls around and the hunger pangs have long since set in, try munching on some delicious nuts or a slice of cheese or meat. Also, there are a number of meal replacement products on the market that allow for eating on the go with zero preparation time. Even the latest sleeper can still hustle off to work with a bite to eat.

For diabetics in particular, there is always the concern that the blood glucose level is too high to eat in the morning. But, by trying to eat breakfast at the same time each day, along with adding a little protein or healthy fat to your morning diet, you can actually help control and lower your blood glucose level. Of course, for diabetics especially, what gets eaten in the morning is more significant than if you eat anything at all.

Sure, what you choose to eat is important but with the plethora of foods available, it can be overwhelming trying to put together a diabetic food grocery list. Luckily, there are some good standards to go by. For actual breakfast foods try and stick with whole grains for your carb options. Toast is always a good choice, and adding a little peanut butter for protein, or cottage cheese and margarine for dairy can be quite delicious as well. There are also some great frozen waffles out there in the whole grain variety. Yogurt, especially the plain stuff, is quick and easy, and some sliced nuts or sugar free jam and berries can add a little extra flavor. Cooked eggs, or egg substitute, are good when you have a little more time, and avocado, or even a little salsa, can make the plainest eggs just a little spicy. For a special morning, try whole wheat French toast with sugar free syrup.

Now, not everyone likes breakfast foods, but there are always other options perfect for the diabetic diet. Have a meat sandwich, or a PBJ with sugar free jelly. Try a quesadilla with low carb tortillas and plenty of veggies. You can even make a salad, with greens or egg. If you are looking for something quick, keep hard boiled eggs on hand with some sliced celery and a can of tomato juice. The point is the options are out there to have a great, diabetic friendly breakfast every morning. So take advantage of the opportunity and reap the benefits of this little jumpstart to your day.


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