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Breitling watches, the unique watches

  • By Jimmy H Greenberg
  • Published 11/11/2010
  • Article Writing

Breitling, as an unmatched brand, was founded in 1844 and has gained brilliant reputation for the watch manufacture. Breitling watches, well known for their excellent quality, precision, and durability, are very popular with people all over the word. Breitling has a large number of buyers, who vary from professional pilots and divers to common people. With versatile functions, Breitling watches can be utilized on the land, in the water, or in the sky. Breitling manufactures watches for men and women, with varieties of styles and sizes. Here are some watches of different uses. Breitling Super Avenger Watch       Breitling Super watch has a 48.4mm stainless case, which is one of the largest timepieces of Breitling series. Equipped with a certified automatic mechanical chronograph, this series of watches are the ideal watches for athletic men.

The watch has a non-slip crown and a pusher and it is very easy to handle. It is also convenient for the owner to read the dial because of its appropriate size and design. Breitling Navitimer Watch The Breitling Navitimer watch is regarded as one of the best choices if you want to purchase a reliable watch. Its design is classic, which retains several original features.   The first Breitling watch was launched in 1952 and was known as t

he official watch for the Pilot′s Association. In order to celebrate the success of Breitling Navitimer, Breitling produced the Navitimer 125th Anniversary watch, which is a limited edition. The watch shows its perfect precision and outstanding elegance and quality. It has some characteristics which distinguish it from the original Navitimer watches. The “Air Racer” style bracelet and the distinctive placement of its date calendar make it look different from the traditional design. Breitling Emergence Watch Breitling emergence watch is a watch that can save the lives of pilots. With a transmitter to transmit distress signals, it can help the victims to seek help. Breitling watch has demonstrated its great value in emergency occasions by this special series of watch. There is a true story about how the watches help two pilots survive. If you want to own one of these special watches, you have to sign an agreement to promise to pay for the cost for a rescue mission. For the sake of safety, Breitling emergence watch is one of the most necessary things you should own, if you are an adventure lover. Breitling has different styles and sizes of watches, which can meet all your need. Each of the Breitling watches is unique, with high quality, perfect precision and outstanding design. They can also be a statement of your status and personality. Get a Breitling watch for yourself! You deserve such a perfect watch.


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