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Bridal Hair & Makeup Methods

Wedding is one of the most memorable events for anybody’s life especially for brides. With brides like Snow White and Cinderella as role models, brides’ expectations become high. Hence, brides try to look and feel amazing in their memorable occasion i.e. wedding. A professional bridal makeup artist is required to add the dazzle and elegance of bridal hair, face and skin on their wedding events. It is important that the hair and makeup should not compete with the bride’s dress rather than the hair and makeup should complement the dress. Bridal hair and makeup should be simple as well as elegant. At the same time, makeup artists should know the brides expectations as per their specific needs & requirements.

It is required for makeup artists to know that the bride will want to feel comfortable and not confined by their hair and makeup. It means, a makeup artist needs to keep makeup simple, not vibrant. In such cases, you should not do experiment with the new styles as far as bridal hair and makeup is concerned. A bride never want to feel self-conscious of her new look. They will want everybody to notice her beauty today and for years that follow in various photographs. In this modern era, bridal makeup is subtle and soft and its effect is fabulous and less harsh. Bridal makeup trends are romantic and soft to complement the hair and the latest trends in bridal gowns and bridal hair. In recent times, brides want to glow with elegance as today’s bridal makeup is more natural and radiant.

Being a professional bridal hair and makeup artist, you have to follow below mentioned tips and tricks to ensure that wedding events for a bride could be memorable:

·         Usually, it’s difficult for a bride to express their feelings in words the look she is going for. Hence, you should have a portfolio that contains large selection of pictures for bridal makeup.

·         It’s also good idea to see some of the makeup products that are used by bridals. This gives you a overview as to what the bride is accustomed to wear.

·         You should also setup consultation for bridal makeup a few weeks ahead of wedding event. This consultation includes the time and day the wedding will take place, dress styles, flowers, colors, bridal hair style and color, eye color and their personality.

·         You should also discuss with the bride about various bridal hair and makeup trends and choose the best one that is well suited for her.  

If you’re considering becoming a makeup artist, or already are one but want to get your hands on the skills and techniques you need to becoming even better, I would highly recommend going to a hands on training seminar like the Hollywood Beauty Event. For more information please visit: http://howtobeamakeupartist.org/


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