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Brief introduction of leather belt

  • By thomasck Ogle
  • Published 01/18/2011
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You may be a little surprised to hear that leather belts are sometimes the best seller. Especially when every glamorous show during fashion week in recent years is recollected, you will suddenly find these little things can really make a big difference. There are two kinds of leather belts. One is genuine leather, the other is artificial leather. Both of them have merit and shortcomings. Genuine leather belt As genuine leather is known for its tenacity, genuine leather strap is very popular with its durability. Meanwhile, wearing this special material can also show a good taste of you. You may be considered as rich people or people from the upper class. However, this kind of leather girdle is always high-priced. What is more, it can be color fading and go out of shape. Artificial leather belt There are many kinds of artificial leashes. In general, artificial leather girdle is welcomed for its cost performance. Normally, leatherette belts are much cheaper than belts made of genuine leather. Moreover, artificial leather straps provide a wider choice in colors and designs. But, leatherette belts are not long-wearing. How to take care of your belts Firstly, do not pull or drag your belts too hard. It will cause deformation. Secondly, sweat stain is the biggest killer to a strap. Find a clean dry cloth to wipe the sweat. It also can be flushed and air dried. Make sure the belt you are wearing is dry and clean. Thirdly, as hardening crack is a common symptom of leather belts, leather oil is necessary. Last but not least, keep it dry in a cool ventilated place. Avoid longtime direct sunshine. Most important of all, it’s a wise choice to have more than one leather belts. It will prolong the life of your belts if they are used alternatively.

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by thomasck Ogle



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