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Bring Your Home To Life With The LG 3D Cinema Range

  • By Barry Knightly
  • Published 11/24/2011

The LG 3D Cinema range won the certification for flicker-free 3D from TUV and Intertek; meaning no more dizziness, nausea, or discomfort when enjoying the latest in 3D technology and design.

LG’s 3D technology eliminates flickering shutters from glasses, allowing you enjoy the wonders of 3D imaging for an extended period of time.

Key Features

    – Crosstalk-free

    – Ultimate 3D Brightness

    – Comfortable Glasses


It is not only LG’s 3D technology that enables the glasses to eliminate flickering images; with their Next Generation 3D panel providing clearer, blur-free image you, your friend and family are able to enjoy the ultimate viewing experience with no overlapping images or dizziness that are sometimes linked to 3D technology.

Ultimate 3D Brightness

More than two times brighter than other conventional 3D monitors, the Cinema 3D™ TV uses LG’s 3D technology, which provides you with brighter and clearer images.

This technology is able to counteract any dimness that can occur within 3D images through a special, thin film that covers the screen.

In addition, the 3D monitors also produce exceptionally clear and vivid images in 2D.

Comfortable Glasses

Users are provided with a comfortable 3D viewing experience using polarised glasses, weighing only 16 grams – almost half the weight of conventional 3D glasses.

When you buy a Cinema 3D™ TV, you are provided with an extensive seven pairs of glasses, with extras pairs costing only £2 each.

The frames are ergonomic and designed with your viewing pleasure in mind; lightweight and comfortable, they do not require batteries, charging or synchronization with your Cinema 3D™ TV.

The bespectacled of us normally have to wear 3D glasses over glasses whilst watching 3D multimedia.

However, LG offers clip-on type 3D glasses, allowing you to enjoy 3D contents easily.

About the Author: Barry Knightly is a writer and fan of LG 3D Cinema



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