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Bringing out The Zenith Christophe Colomb: The Tourbillon Evolves, Almost

  • By caius red
  • Published 12/19/2010

Numerous replica Louis Vuitton Stamped Collection merely catch your eye – this is one of them. Coming originally from Zenith (who, btw, has already been carrying out it quite proper considered as of late) is the Christophe Colomb.

The giant bubble you see at 6 o’clock could look similar to it houses a tourbillon, but it does not, at the very least based on Zenith. Based on a prior pattern originally from the brand, this oversized escapement sits on gimbals, or a “Cardan suspensioin,” just considered as the compass aboard Christopher Columbus’s ship did way back when.

“The hand-wound 45-jewel, 36,000 VpH Academy 8804 manual winding motion with 50-hour energy reserve, features a special gyroscopic method ensuring excellent horizontal positioning of the regulating organ. This method consists in a cage composed of 166 parts, 10 conical-geared wheels (with 6 spherical wheels) and 6 ball bearings.”

So why does this Zenith feature a glass dome ensuring horizontal positioning?

“The rating precision of the classic timepiece varies based on its position. Gravity attracts the escapement elements, of which usually do not operate in specifically the very same way based on the direction in of which they are captivated. The friction between the numerous elements is also distinct and also the amplitude of the balance could be disturbed, causing it to gain or lose. The most effective position for an escapement is the horizontal position of which ensures the most effective amplitude for the balance and on of which gravity is perpendicular to the elements and does not consequently disturb their rotation.”

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