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Briquetting Paper Shredder


Briquetting Paper Shredder

Here is a quick look at a pretty cool idea over on Quirky.com that makes for a perfect Earth Day office supply write up today.  The concept is pretty simple.  This  is a Briquetting Paper  Shredder that takes your shredded paper and converts it into a brick of paper that can be used for burning in your fireplace.  Cool office supplies like this really help to push the envelope on what has become a stale green office supply category.

I really like this concept and think it has potential, although there are two minor concerns that I have.  First is that I know I’ve personally shredded things like plastic credit cards, CDs, and glossy magazine paper that are all things you probably don’t want to be burning in your home due to the potential toxic fumes that could result.  Second, I’m just not sure that the average home has enough shredded material to actually make a significant number of paper bricks to be used for keeping the fire place going.  Those concerns of mine don’t mean that these issues cant be overcome, but they are just things to think about.  Maybe there are innovations and things to come that can make a product like this more viable.

With all of that said, I still think that this product deserves strong consideration, so head on over to Quirky and vote  on the Briquetting Paper  Shredder to see if we can get it produced.  The production cycle over there is pretty quick so maybe this is something that can be on the shelves of your favorite office supply store by next Earth Day.  Don’t forget that your votes on Quirky can turn into real money in your pocket for every product sold that you influence.

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