Brown Recluse Bites How Did It Happen?


Authored by Rodney Southern in Nature and Wildlife
Published on 03-02-2009

Brown recluse bites happen all the time and rarely do people even know how or why. The brown recluse is a very structured spider. That is, it is driven by habit, and they are quite predictable as far as location and behavior. That said, brown recluse bites do not have to happen as often as they do. The key to avoiding brown recluse bites is to know the spider’s habits, and act accordingly.

The brown recluse spider loves to live with clutter. This allows the brown recluse plenty of places to hide, and to hunt without danger to itself. It is rare to find a brown recluse out in the open. They want to live in cardboard boxes, nooks and crannies, and any other place that gives them shelter from the outside world. This can include temporary hiding places such as shoes, clothes left on the floor, and gloves.

When you have this stuff all around your home, you are inviting brown recluse bites to happen. Even with this stuff, it is unlikely that you will be bitten. Brown recluse bites are very rare, and it is even more rare that someone has a serious reaction. The fact is though, that the brown recluse bites can be dangerous.

Another common way that brown recluse bites happen is when they are able to get in your bed easily. Sounds scary does it not? If you live in an area that has brown recluses, and particularly if you know you have them in your home, it is possible for them to climb in the bed. Many of the brown recluse bites happen from rolling over on top of one, or otherwise encountering them in bed.

This can easily be solved by removing any part of the bed that touches the floor other than the legs. Also, do not store things under the bed as the brown recluse can reach the bed that way. In serious problem homes, place glue traps around the legs after you take the steps above.

Another common entry point for brown recluse spiders is the old woodpile. Do not stack wood against your home unless you want snakes, spiders, and other assorted goodies. This is an ecosystem unto itself, and that includes brown recluse spiders.

Old clothes, pictures, and storage of any kind should be air sealed. These are another large source of brown recluse spider bites. Anywhere the spider can hide provides another brown recluse bite opportunity. Eliminate the hiding places, and you eliminate or reduce the possibility of brown recluse bites.


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