Budapest: A Place For 24Hour Adventures

If you are up for a 24-hour adventure, then Budapest is the place to go. It offers its guests with a long list of must-accomplish activities through the day, and extending all night long. If you visit Budapest, you are up for one hell of a quest comprised of local culture exploration matched with lively entertainment from the modern aspects of the Hungarian nation.

Basic Facts about Budapest

Budapest is the capital of Hungary. Based on the recent statistics, the city is populated with 1.8 million constituents. Fortunately, the land area of Budapest can suffice for its inhabitants since it is also the biggest city in the country.

Budapest is divided into three towns – Buda, Pest and Obuda. Buda and Obuda are located near the western region of the river while the much larger Pest lies on the eastern portion. In the early years, those towns on the western section served as the bourgeois section. These areas abound with spas and mansions for the rich. As for Pest, this town is much more commercialized, but is highly populated by those who belong to the middle class. During the early years of Budapest, the hills of Buda were the center of trade and defenses. However, as Buda, Obuda, and Pest were united (thus becoming “Budapest”), the plains in the eastern region evolved as the center of the metropolitan site.

Day-time Adventures in Budapest

During the day, you can take tours by foot or by car throughout the city. There are many inspiring spots and scenes that every body can find amusing. As noted by travelers and locals alike, Budapest appears to be pretty much like France. In fact, many refer to it as the “Paris of The East”. Undeniably, the features and structures of Budapest are akin to those found in Prague.

Among the most notable places in the area where you should take a stroll are the striking sceneries on both sides of the Danube. You should also pay a visit to the nine connecting bridges that oversees the splendid villas and several public buildings from the fin-de-siècle era.

If you are planning to take a day-time tour, you can also ask your guide to take you to the most popular landmark of Budapest – the Parliament building that is settled on the banks of the Danube. If you see the view from afar, the building pretty much looks like the English Houses of Parliament without the Big Ben on site. To get the finest view of the Parliament, you should situate yourself at the Castle Hill.

Exploring Budapest at Night

If you think that Budapest is one of those regions that are pretty much docile at night, then think again. This city exceeds the expectations of those who are on the look-out for parties at night. It is lively – even livelier – at night than during the day.

It has many excellent restaurants where you can taste not just the finest local cuisines but other European culinary specialties as well. With its many 24-hour cafes, you can sip coffee or tea anytime you may deem fitting as you observe passers-by. For those who want a “real” night life scene however, Budapest offers many bars and clubs where you can dance and drink wine or beer while waiting for the sunrise.


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