BudgetFriendly Golf Vacations


Authored by Emeka Justice in Golf
Published on 04-02-2009

Including golf into your vacation is for some dedicated golfers is a dream. How could the two possibly go hand in hand and be affordable at the same time? The cost of one round of golf at a decent club can be expensive and adding that on top of the expenses of a vacation seems unlikely. If you are trying to arrange this perfect vacation on a budget, you will need to remember to plan everything around the season and the game of golf. Here are a few suggestions of places you can go that will help you in your vacation golf plans.

  1. The golf vacation destination in the U.S. is Myrtle Beach S.C. and is a great place to stay in your budget. You can find cheap accommodations here and there no limits in the golf courses you can play. You can choose from 120, 18 hole courses.
  2. Hilton Head, S.C. is the place to go for golf as well and a beach trip as well, too. Hilton Head sports more than 40 golf courses to choose from.
  3. Florida is the best place to go for off season golf because it is warmer there for longer and you can get a great deal in the off season. Tampa and Orlando are fast becoming the place to hit a round of golf. There are also a lot of cheap courses to play.
  4. Another great place for a golf oriented vacation is in Las Vegas, Nevada. Although it is famed as the gambling capital of the world, Las Vegas has its fair share of great golf courses too and cheap hotel lodging. Enjoy a game of golf at the Saint George course.
  5. Atlanta, Georgia is a great place to plan a cheap golf vacation. Georgia is, after all, the home of the Masters. Enjoy the fruits of Georgia while you are these on vacation playing golf.
  6. You couldn’t plan a vacation golf trip without at least considering Pebble Beach, California. The golf began at Pebble Beach in 1929 and has done nothing but get better since. With great vacation fun like beaches and the awesome wine country, you couldn’t go wrong planning for a golf vacation at Pebble Beach.
  7. San Diego, California is another great golf and vacation destination. San Diego has over fifty public courses to choose from. And a lot of family oriented vacation fun for you and family as well.
  8. Traverse City, Michigan is another golf destination that has landed in the books again and again for its beauty and affordability.

If you don’t know where to begin in finding which place is the best for you and your family’s golf vacation, try going online and searching through a vacation package finder. The greatest of these for is called Golf Zoo. Here you will find the best deals around for golf oriented family vacation to almost everywhere. All you do is enter the dates you want to go and the location. Golf Zoo will do the rest.


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