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Build A Lineup Of Products That Work For Your Skin

After years of wading through makeup counters and drugstore anti aging skin care products, do you ever wish you could just throw your hands up and there would miraculously be your perfect skincare solution sitting on the shelf, waiting for you to take it home? While we’re wishing for things, how about perfect skin, or a wrinkle remover that makes your complexion glow like it did in your 20s? There’s no magic genie that can make these things happen, but the good news is that you can build your own skincare line out of various types of products to create a routine that meets your needs. And, as if by magic, it will allow your skin to glow with health and beauty!

Here’s how it works. Say you’re already using a skincare line. You like one of its moisturizers a lot, and use it regularly, but because you’re “not supposed” to mix and match products, you’ve also purchased several anti wrinkle products and anti aging skin cream from the same line that don’t give you the results you wanted; so you never use them and they collect dust.

You know you need to actually use an anti wrinkle face cream to see a reduction in wrinkle appearance, so doesn’t it make more sense to find one that you like, even if it’s in a different product line? Keep the products you like, and toss out the ones you haven’t used in years — they’re probably expired anyway. Now start the search anew for products that will work for you, and begin building your personalized line-up. (One thing to note: make sure your anti wrinkle face creams don’t have conflicting ingredients. Anti-aging retinols should not be combined with creams or lotions that contain Vitamin C, glycolic acid or benzoyl peroxide, as these ingredients will render both products ineffective.)

When choosing new anti aging skin care products, first consider your skin type. Common skin types are oily, dry and combination, but if you need assistance determining what yours is, ask your dermatologist. Then, determine what your skin needs in its anti wrinkle products, whether it be hydration, acne care, or purely a wrinkle remover solution. Armed with these two answers, you can eliminate the unnecessary products from the running and focus on only the goods that will do the best things for your complexion.

With the pool narrowed down to only a few types of anti wrinkle face creams, you can request samples or purchase small quantities of the anti aging skin cream you’d like to try, so you can see how your skin feels and reacts to each one. Once you find your perfect skin care solutions, take care to apply them daily (or as often as needed) to ensure the best results for your complexion.

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