Build Chest Muscle at Home

You probably know or have known someone who always had a laundry list of excuses every time it came to the question of why they would not make the lifestyle choices needed to get in shape. Maybe you’re a little guilty yourself.

If only I had a gym membership, then I would get to where I need to be. Or maybe it’s a Total Gym or some other piece of special equipment you’re after.

Great news: you don’t need any special equipment to get in shape. You don’t even need to leave the house.

In this article, you will learn how to build chest muscle at home. While there are many viable exercise options for working the different parts of the body, if you’re like me, chest workouts are the most discouraging.

Not only do they seem to demand a lot of the pectoral muscles, but they also coax the rest of your upper body into the act, often challenging every muscle group.

Of course, the best option for building chest muscle at home is to focus on the pushup.

But aren’t pushups too basic to do any good? How do I get in peak physical condition like the guys at the gym, you may be asking.

The answer is to think outside the standard-motion pushup.

Triangle Pushups

Triangle pushups get their name from the positioning of your hands during the exercise. Instead of keeping your hands shoulder-length apart as you do during regular pushups, move them in and form a triangle by touching the tips of your thumbs and index fingers together. Starting out, it’s recommended that you stick to 15 or so reps for a full set. The up-down motion, in this position, will work both your inner pectoral muscles and your triceps.

Spread Pushups

Spread pushups, like their triangular counterparts, acquire their name from positioning of the hands. Once again deviating from the standard pushup, you will this time position your hands as far apart as you can while still being able to complete the workout. It is recommended you first lay on your stomach and reach out making a plus sign with your body. Then, grip the ground with your palms and commence pushup motion. This version of the standard pushup focuses on the outer pectoral muscles. Again, fifteen reps for a full set is recommended.

Dumbbell Press

The dumbbell press requires a set of dumbbells and a flat surface. Start with dumbbells resting upward on your thighs from a seated position. Next, recline until your back rests flat against the surface. Bring dumbbells out to your sides, and in a controlled motion, press upward till they meet in the center. Repeat motion for a recommended three sets of ten.


All of the above workouts are great exercises for building chest muscle at home without ever having to spring for a monthly gym membership or expensive piece of equipment. Use your surroundings, ingenuity, and drive and determination to succeed, and you will be sculpting yourself into a better you in no time at all. Just don’t forget that a reasonable diet goes hand-in-hand with whatever routine you develop.


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