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Building the Early Social Skills of a Child

There are a number of preschools and child care institutes that have come up in the recent times. Working parents have no other option but to send their kids, as little as 12-14 months old to a day care centre or a crèche.  They do not mind leaving their kids behind as they know their kids would be looked after. It is also surprising at times to see this kids learn to talk and walk at a very young age. In fact, it has often been said that the concept of a play school is hardly related to academics. It is more concerned with developing the social skills of the child from a very young age.

Nursery schools have a limited number of children so that the supervisors can take individual care of each and every child. Play schools hardly stress on the academic performance of the child and focus on social development of the child. It oversees the fact that the normal growth and development milestones are achieved.

Apart from the play and activity area, pre schools are equipped with a theatre and drama room, a language room and a dining room for the kids. The schools also impart basic toilet training to the little ones.

Most of the schools adopt the play way method of helping and teaching the kids over a period of time. Kids have a tendency to imitate the adults around them, especially their parents and teachers.  Therefore, teachers always try to teach them by observation and imitation. Children are also encouraged to participate in role playing exercises and also asked to enact nursery rhymes.  Thus the entire activity becomes a fruitful learning exercise for the young kid.  The children on their part learn to talk with their peers, share food and also pick up social manners gradually.



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