Business Applications for Smartphones a Big Hit

According to recent studies, this year, the demand for Smartphone applications for businesses purposes is going to rise to more than 70%. In three years, this humble figure will balloon to nearly 200%. Amazed? Read on.

Businesses everywhere are finding it increasingly difficult not to work with Smartphones. This is the reason why the demand is going to shoot up in three years; and it doesn’t stop there. Remember our little friends, the mobile personal computer and the portable laptop? It seems that in a study conducted in our very own United States and in Western Europe, people are beginning to widely use business applications via Smartphones, leaving behind laptops.

Just what happened to the laptops? Well, laptops are still here to stay, but the deployment of this type of technology (according to the survey) would be slashed by around two third the original or pre-existing rate.

The Battle for Supremacy

In another survey of around four hundred businesses, it was found out that Verizon’s own Blackberry platform would remain the “hegemon” or ruling platform for years to come, though rates would drop slightly in the coming years, owing no doubt to the entry of newer platforms, such as the Apply iPhone, and other small players in the newly emerging industry.

As for the much debated Windows Mobile (for some reason, Windows is always suspect. Remember Windows Millennium Edition?), the role of this one in business would actually rise in the coming years, to around twenty 25%.

Following closely behind Windows Mobile is the Smartphone with a new cult following, of course, the glass-screened Apple iPhone with 16%. Much loved Google also has a small piece of the Smartphone pie, with Android garnering a total of 4% of all deployments in the four hundred businesses. The three “stragglers” in the Smartphone race are Palm, the ever-independent Linux and surprisingly, Nokia, with the smallest slice of the pie with just 5%.

The Consuming Public is “Consuming” Smartphones, Too

With all these businesses laying out their yearly plans for Smartphone deployment, whatever happened to the non-business consumers? Well, luckily for people like us, the trend is also the same for the non-business category, which means that prices can drop in the near future. There is hope yet!

What’s in store for the general public with these new Smartphones rolling out of the factories on a monthly or bi-monthly basis anyway? More features, and more fun, that’s for sure. For one, the general public would now be able to configure their Smartphones to truly surf the World Wide Web with real web browsers, and finally, finally, we can all watch YouTube with the proper plugins doing their job beautifully on our high-resolution iPhones.

With all this coming for the general public we literally should watch out for more improvements in the coming months. Shipments are expected to increase in the next two years, and that includes the United States, Western and Easter regions of Europe, Asia and the Pacific regions, including smaller countries. There’s no way but up for Smartphones; it can only get better.


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