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Business Ethics An Example of a Free Article

  • By Chris Kennelly
  • Published 10/24/2008
  • Writing

When one comes into contact with large businesses and corporations, you can be astounded by the amount of money that is consistently flowing in and out of the coffers of any specific organization. It is mind blowing, seeing all the executives in their latest sports cars or luxury sedans, whilst there are people out there suffering to the extent of malpractice by these corporate giants.

The decision to write a free article on this subject of business ethics will hopefully entice others to pick up their pens and or computer keyboards to voice their opinions on the inadequacies of corporations in respecting the effects of their manufacturing and business practices that affect so many lower down on the hierarchical money or social ladder. I base the free article on a not too long ago event where a large multinational clothing and sports equipment company was highlighted as utilizing child labor in certain of their factories. Given the opportunity it was rectified, but how long did the practice continue, and perhaps the practice still continues in different areas, it was almost a case of blaming their unawareness of manufacturing processes by their providers. Is that a claim of ignorance or selective stupidity, there are too many fingers pointed when it comes to these corporations, in that they very quickly blame their service providers and what comes to mind is that, why did the red flags not go up when they realized this

specific provider was charging them a ridiculously low rate in comparison to other providers. Either way it appeared as if the situation was rectified, I suppose until the next controversy is uncovered. A free article is a way and means to enable you to air your opinions without engaging in the full activity of journalism. By providing a free article to a directory you have the chance of publishing the free article or perhaps a webmaster, publisher or editor will utilize your free article in a publication or website. The fact that you have written a free article and submitted it will empower you as a writer and perhaps lead onto greater writing feats. It is also said that although your free article may not be used or even published you have taken the steps to either speak out about what you believe in or what has been troubling you. By utilizing the free article submission to directories, will possibly start you on a career of ongoing enjoyment in writing and providing your viewpoint to many others who share the same stance. The free article is also used in the marketing process; it is used to provide insight into people and business products and services and is an effective tool to get the news of these products and services out there to an international, well educated audience.

To submit a free article, one should join an article directory, where your free article will get maximum exposure to a targeted audience, not just that little voice in the corner anymore, but rather an internationally heard opinion.



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