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Business Expansion Grants For Minority and Start Up Ventures

There is a lot of misinformation surrounding business expansion grants. Some websites proclaim that they are aware of several business federal grants and they can get it for you, however the fact is that there is no grant for business expansion or even for small businesses. Correct information must be sought from reputable sources like federalgrantfinder.com.

Although there are no grants for businesses expansion, funding is available for small business run by minority. Minority Business Development Agency is a part of department of commerce that aids entrepreneurship in country’s minority communities. This is done through Minority Business Grants program. This is to encourage wealth building amongst minorities of the country. Generally these are awarded to people from the minority community or the ventures that have social benefit of minority section. Startup Business Grants are given to ventures that are in partnerships and benefit minority or underprivileged in some way.

If the project is about educationally empowering people from the weaker section of the society, they can apply for Training Grants. As the government is interest in creating stronger workforce it assists ventures that are aimed at imparting professional or technical training that makes people more employable in many sectors like health care, education, electronics, engineering works etc. Some Industries can seek commercial grants for starting community training programs to make people more employable.

Some small business or industries can seek Green Grants if they are involved in projects that research that involve environment conservation. It may be aimed at tackling issues like protecting water quality, controlling green house gas emissions, tackling hazardous waste, and reducing chemical risks. Researchers who wish to start education programs that address above issues can also seek Training Grants for setting up facilities that educates industries about adapting green technologies.

There are various national and state level or even local level agencies that can give Small Business Grants, or Training grants for these purposes. However one should be able to make strong proposal that clearly states how they qualify for this particular grant. How it involves broad spectrum benefits for society at large. When you are clear about how can the results be measured you can be sure that you will be able to find agency that gives you the required funding.


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