Buying Wholesale Furniture


Authored by Douglas Mefford in Furniture
Published on 09-26-2010

Buying furniture wholesale can provide more than just huge monetary savings. It can be rewarding for the training you get in learning to make the most of your money on any type of purchase. When looking to buy such big-ticket items as home furnishings your savings can be amazing. There are a few tips you need to know and understand in order to maximize your purchasing power.

For starters, you will not be browsing fancy showrooms or catalogs to find the best deals in wholesale furniture. Wholesale furniture brokers keep their prices down by eliminating a lot of the overhead of a retail sales floor and staff. While the surroundings may not be plush, the savings from purchasing wholesale furniture from a broker will make it worthwhile. Just keep a few tips in mind when shopping for discounted furniture.

Wholesalers tend to buy their stock in bulk for on-site storage. This can increase the chance that some of the furniture has been dinged or ripped a bit along the way. This increases the chance to save even more money. If the flaw or scratch is in a hidden area or is insignificant enough to not bother you, use it as a means to try and get a bit more savings on the final price. Furniture wholesalers are more likely to bargain that a retail salesman.

Part of the discount in wholesale furniture sales comes from there being no free delivery service from the seller. When buying wholesale furniture you will have to provide your own truck or van to take your purchase home. Figure in the cost of this to your total expenditure allowance. Remember that the more you pay for the transportation, the less the savings on the total deal.

Buying furniture can run into the thousands of dollars so shopping around for the best deals is important. There may be no wholesale outlets near where you live so be prepared to travel some distance and possibly even out-of-state for the best savings. Because of the high number of furniture factories in the area, Highpoint, North Carolina is considered the wholesale furniture capital of the United States. A shopping trip among the factory outlet stores here can reveal some of the best wholesale furniture prices in the country.

Buying in bulk also presents the possibility for greater discounts and savings. If possible, find another friend to go shopping with you. Buying two or more of the same type of furniture items can often get a further discount over a single purchase.

Make sure to check any return policies applicable to your purchase. Many wholesale furniture outlets and brokers only sell their wares “as-is.” If you are making a substantial purchase, these terms and the length of time you have to find and reject faulty items can be limited. Being responsible for the return of defective products will quickly eat up your savings. So long as you know how to work the system, buying quality furniture at wholesale prices will provide you a well furnished home and a wallet that still has some bulk to it.


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