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Bypass and Unblock Facebook Instantly On Your Computer

  • By Anna Ella
  • Published 01/12/2013

Facebook has become one of the most popular websites on the internet, taking over popular culture and embedding itself deep within every day life for many millions of people across the globe. It is being used by both members of the general public and large corporate businesses. So it’s very rare to find a person or business which cannot be reached via Facebook.   Since Facebook is now producing so much traffic, there is a risk of security breaches. I am sure we are all aware of the recent breach in security within PSN (Thousands of people had their private data stolen).Sometime we have all at some point attempted to log on to Facebook when we shouldn’t have been doing.   Perhaps this was during a class at school or perhaps it was at work? After all the people could see the harm in spending your break time catching up with friends and family outside of your working environment? Well,in these instances if you have ever struggled to actually get on Facebook ,it is likely your school or place of work has set up a firewall that will prevent you from accessing it.   Firewalls can be a nuisance and extremely frustrating, but they are usually put in place in order to protect you and any of your sensitive personal data. Without a firewall, schools and businesses would be susceptible to Trojan attacks and viruses. However, there are system administrators out there which are sticklers for you doing your work and will block social networking websites to promote a hard working environment in your place of work or school.   So how does one bypass a firewall to unblock Facebook at school or work? You simply use what is known as a proxy server. In simple terms, a proxy server is like the middleman. It will provide you with access to websites which previously your pesky firewall would have restricted your access to.   You will now have complete access to Facebook and other social networking websites. Bypass Facebook just using this FB proxy that it’s dedicated for Facebook accessibity, enter the web address you are trying to reach – just make sure you’re using one that seems popular and has a lot of other users to avoid becoming a victim of hackers. Using Facoxy Facebook proxy can be a very useful security measure. You can communicate with your friends and family all day long and feel assured that your personal details will be kept safe from data thieves. nopicture-1720227



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