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CLine Write On Poly File Jackets


C-Line Write on Poly File Jackets Assortment

These C-Line Write-On Poly File Jackets (via Amazon) caught my attention when I was doing some additional research after the Folder Roundup post we did a few weeks ago.  They are similar in function to the Levenger Briefcase folders that are no longer available.


C-Line Write on Poly File Jackets All Colors

The C-Line Write on Poly File Jackets are available in a package of 10 that includes 2 of each color you see above: Yellow, Red, Slate Blue, Pale Lime, and Grey.  Those are my best color descriptions, not necessarily the manufactures official ones.  They measure 11.75″ x 9.5″ and are obviously designed to hold standard 8″ x 11.5″ documents, and anything smaller.  They can each hold up to 200 sheets of paper in their single front pocket.  The single front pocket is one of the noticeable differences between these and the Levenger folders I mentioned before.  These are also a much less stiff material so they do take a little more care to slide into a bag because they will curl or fold over if you arent cautious.


C-Line Write on Poly File Jackets Close up of Pencil Writing

The one really nice feature about these C-Line Write on Poly File Jackets is that they can also be written on with pencil, ballpoint pen, and permanent marker.  To me the pencil option is the most appealing since it allows you to change your mind and use these for different reasons.  In my tests, writing with pencil worked very well and erasing the pencil was simple and didn’t damage the white surface that you write on.  The entire length of the folder tab can be written on, as well as a dedicated table of contents style index space on the front of each folder that ha 9 lines and measures 3.5″ x 4.5″


C-Line Write on Poly File Jackets Red Full

I’ve been using these for about two weeks now and they do seem pretty durable as I’ve been putting one in and out of my laptop bag almost daily now.  Besides being a little less rigid than the similar Levenger offering which is now discontinued, these also have a propensity to pick up some random dust and fibers because they gather a little bit of static electricity, which also makes it a little hard to slide papers in and out easily too.  Overall these are a decent alternative to the Levenger Briefcase folders, and their ability to be written on in pencil is definitely a positive addition.  Check out a pack of them for yourself (via Amazon) if you are looking for an option to protect any files that you transport back and forth on a semi-regular basis.

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