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Cable Drop Cable Management Tool for an Organized Desk


Cable Drop Package

With all of the technology and gadgets that most of us have in our homes and at our desks, we are left with a ton of wires for charging and syncing said devices.  The Cable Drop by Blue Lounge helps to keep those cords out of sight, yet easily accessible.


Cable Drop Behind Desk Hutch with USB

The Cable Drop is a pretty simple product that solves a problem that most of us have, and it does it in a very simple way.  The back side of each of the plastic dome shaped discs has an adhesive backing that allows you to attach these to any smooth flat surface (of course be careful that the adhesive wont ruin whatever you stick it to if you plan on removing it) and slip the body of most cables through it.  Now in my case, I’ve decided to use it to keep the charging cable for my new Samsung Galaxy S III hidden (but easily accessible) behind the hutch of my Bedford Desk from Pottery Barn.  Above is the behind the desk view with the Cable Drop stuck on the back of my hutch and the USB charging cable for my phone snapped inside of it.  Next, here is the front view of my desk where you can almost see the tip of the USB cable sticking up.


Cable Drop Behind Desk with USB

Now normally I’d have the USB charging cable plugged in somewhere with the end of it draped over my desk looking all messy, but not with the Cable Drop.  Now my desk looks fairly neat with no stray cables.  Can you see the tip of the USB cable sticking up?  Check out the next photo for a better look.


Cable Drop Behind Desk with USB Close Up

There it is between the baseballs.  Now when I need it I can just reach back there and pull it through and when I’m done it just slips back into place and completely out of the way returning my desk to a normal and uncluttered state.


Cable Drop on Desk Hutch with Phone Charging

And here is one last picture of the USB cable pulled through the Cable Drop and plugged into my phone.  I really love the simplicity of this item.  So far it seems to be sticking to my desk fairly well, as well as sticking to the other places I have them in use.  Just be aware that there are some claims of cheap knock off versions of this product being sold on Amazon that seem to have sub-par adhesive backing on them.  Here is a link to the actual Cable Drop by Blue Lounge on Amazon.  It looks like the only ones they have now are either clear or black in color.  These are definitely a must have in your tool chest of cool office supplies for keeping yourself a bit more organized and clutter free.

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