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Cable Organization with the Cable Monkey


Organizing Cables with the Cable Monkey Cable Organizer

Yet another of my impulsive purchases from ThinkGeek.com was this cable organization tool called the Cable Monkey.  For the most part I like to focus on “cool” office supplies, and although this one rates up there as being cool, I think it might be my first entrant in the “cute” office supplies that I’ve reviewed here.


Cable Organizing Cable Monkey and His (or Her) Crazy Arms

So if you are looking for a fun way to help organize cables, the cable monkey is a pretty cool option.  It  has an arm span of 8.5″ and the body is about 1 1/4″ tall, while the whole thing measures at .2″ thick.  The rubbery body of this cable organization primate has a wiry shaft that runs through the center from finger tip to finger tip.  Basically its a big twist-tie that has a decorative monkey covering.


The Cable Organizing Cable Monkey Hugging a Power Cord

Here you can see that I used my cable monkey cable organization primate to latch around the power pack for my laptop.  The reason I tried it on the power pack is that I had an old laptop where the rubber strap that came with the power supply ALWAYS came detached, so I wanted to try to see if this could reach around an entire battery pack in addition to the cord which has been wrapped around it.  As you can see, the 8 1/2″ arm span did reach around the entire power supply to hold everything together.


Cable Organizing Cable Monkey Arms Tied

Hopefully nobody from PETA is reading this because this is the part where it gets ugly.  If you look at the above picture you can see what I actually had to do to the little paws to get the cable monkey cable organization tool to work as intended.  I grabbed the little paws and twisted them around each other to ensure a firm grip on my laptop battery pack.  With what looked like a firm grip, I gave a few tugs and pulls at the whole thing, and it appeared to have a pretty strong hold on the whole thing.  I now felt confident that as pictured above, the whole thing could now be tossed in my laptop bag with no worries of coming unwrapped causing me to find a spaghetti of wires next time I opened up my laptop bag.

Now don’t let my only example here sell the cable monkey short, because there are clearly a bunch of other ways that you can use this cable organization tool, such as bundling up the mess of wires that live behind or under most of our desks.  He seems pretty bendy, if in fact that is a word, and it does seem to have a good deal of durability.  One thing that I want to reiterate is that the wire only travels through the arms, so you can’t position the head or legs if you had that in mind.  I think the “cute” factor alone makes this guy worth the $4.99 that it will cost you from ThinkGeek, and it will certainly be a conversation starter for you at the office if you have this guy latched onto your cables somewhere, not to mention the fact that it actually does a good job at the cable organization that it was designed for.  Go ahead and check it out at ThinkGeek with all the other good office supplies that they have while you are hopefully enjoying a day out of the office today after the 4th of July.

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