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Cablox Cable Management System for an Organized Desk


The Cablox Cable Management System

The great thing about having a website about cool office supplies is that people are nice enough to reach out to me when they have a product that they think my readers would be interested in.  In this case I think we have a winner with the Cablox Cable Management System.  If you are like me or like most other people, you probably have a mess of cables and wires under your computer desk, and this cable management tool really helps to make a difference.


My computer cable situation before the Cablox

In the picture above, you can see that I’ve got kind of a mess going on under my desk.  What you see there is a mix of power cables for a speaker system, monitor, external hard drive, and CPU, along with the audio cables for said speaker system.  This isnt a healthy situation for Woody and it just isnt acceptable to have such a mess going on under my desk.  Its actually a little embarrassing to have even posted this picture.


Front and side view of the Cablox Cable Management System along with the front and back of the box.

The Cablox cable management system is a 4″x4″ soft plastic square that has 64 small nubs that protrude from it.  It has an adhesive back so you can attach it to a wall or underneath your desk.  These nubs flex just enough so that you can wedge any cable or wire between them in order to help keep them organized and running in the desired direction.


Here is a sample of what it looks like when you feed a cable through the Cablox system

You can see from this photo that you can use the Cablox to not only shorten the length of a cable so it doesnt droop or sag across an area where you dont want it to.  It also serves as a way to redirect a wire so that you can route it a little easier to the specific location you want.  I love the superhero artwork on the boxes that they use to explain the set up instructions that was a nice touch.  It is worth noting that I tried a few different sizes of cables and wires, everything from some skinny audio cables up to some thicker power cables of varying shapes (ie. round and flat) and they all slipped in and out nicely.


The Cablox cable management system put to use under my desk

I decided that the best place to try sticking the Cablox cable management system would be under my desk so it was out of the way/sight, and also to help route the wires all into a specific area.  Obviously it was pretty simple to install it, you just peel off the paper that covers the sticky foam backing and press it into place.  Once you do that, you are set to start slipping your computer cables between the nubs and finally get them organized.

MUCH more organized and cleaner after installing the Cablox Cable Management System

Now that I have the Cablox Cable Management System installed under my desk, you can see the huge difference in how much more organized the computer cables are.  Granted some of the improvement is because I spent time getting the wires untangled, but having the Cablox system set up under the desk really made a big difference in being able to shorten up some of the wires and get them all running in the right direction.  The setup was simple and its pretty much just done and forget about it now.

Now for the only bit of bad news about the Cablox Cable Management System…its not available yet in the US.  I have however been told that it will be available shortly through the site sirtified.com.   Keep your eye on that site, as they do have some pretty cool office supplies there, and soon enough they will have the Cablox.

UPDATE: The Cablox Cable Management System IS AVAILABLE now at sirtified.com, you can see them here on their site.  It is also available on Amazon.com here.

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