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Callaway fairway woods for men

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  • Published 05/20/2011
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Mens Callaway Fairway Woods for example huge Bertha appear to possess a cult following. Golfers which have employed them through the previous swear by them and so are in any way instances for the lookout for employed or new huge Bertha fairway woods.Golfers appear to adore the huge Bertha II Fairway Wood. Its compact titanium clubface sets up rectangular at tackle inducing much more confidence. An basic swing and sweep gets the ball airborne swiftly and with superb distance. This club is amazingly forgiving permitting you to definitely strike the ball solidly away tight lies. it may be potent – straight and long.The huge Bertha Diablo Fairway Woods are large-headed and streamlined for range and accuracy. attributed in the direction of the exclusive circumstance belonging in the direction of the clubhead, weights are already strategically positioned for optimal CG (center of gravity) place both for that draw or neutral options. Golfers can choose out both the draw or neutral clubhead according in the direction of the circumstance of the shot. They eliminated the excessive weight through the hosel and repositioned it through the perimeter belonging in the direction of the clubhead to include stability. It also assists golfers launch the club at effect with complete power, specifically when swinging aggressively.3 wood, 16° 5 wood, 18.5° 7 wood, 21° 9 wood, 23.5°

The Callaway X Fairway wooden is between the much more well-known Callaway woods. An X-sole design allows the club mind to relaxation on two unique factors belonging in the direction of the main for much m

ore stability. a tremendous clubhead implies a bigger sweetspot producing it attractive to some broad wide range of players. The cope with sets up nicely at tackle as well as the appear at effect is great. Amazingly exact with effortless power. The Callaway X Fairway wooden produces clean, dependable hits away the fairway and cuts through the hard effortlessly. The ball will holiday over a mid to considerable trajectory.3 wood, 15° 5 wood, 18° 7 wood, 21°The Callaway FT Fairway wooden has an great appear with energy to boot. The ball flies considerable away of any lie. You can customize your club using the optifit weighting plan – Draw for decreasing a fade; fade to cut back a hook; neutral for optimum workability. So, for example, in the celebration you leave the club mind available at effect and strike a slice the draw weighting plan will proper that providing you lengthier and straighter hits. It consists of a stainless metal cope with and body. A reduced main borders helps make the sweetspot accessible for much more ability levels. Miss-hits will go almost as much as dependable hits.3 wood, 15° 4 wood, 17° 5 wood, 19° 7 wood, 21° 9 wood, 23°Another amazing fairway wooden should be the Callaway FT-I Squareway. This club incorporates Fusion engineering – stainless metal face, sole, and plan using a carbon composite crown that allows weights to acquire positioned on the severe corners belonging in the direction of the club. This allows the club to acquire amazingly forgiving on off-center hits and amazingly resistant to twisting. The end result is over a normal foundation a prolonged and straight shot.3 wood, 15° 5 wood,18° 7 wood, 21°



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