Can Allergies Cause Anxiety?


Authored by Ariana R. Cherry in Diseases
Published on 09-13-2009

According to allergy statistics at achooallergy.com, over fifty million Americans suffer from allergies every year. Within the past year, 18.4 million adults and 6.7 million children were found to have had hay fever. Hay fever is the most common allergy disorder that sends Americans to the doctor every year. One of the most common allergy diseases in America, which affects most people is chronic sinusitis. Now questions are being raised as if whether anxiety and allergies are related.

While some allergies may not be dangerous or cause reason for alarm in most people, some allergies can cause Asthma to develop in others. Asthma has more of a chance of being critical than someone who may have hay fever. Asthma can also can turn into a life threatening disease.

Studies are being shown, that when a person’s stress level is up, their reaction and symptoms to allergies increase. If the stress continues over into the second day, allergies tend to worsen. Allergies are known for the fifth most common chronic disease in America which can cost up to $3.4 billion dollars a year to treat them. Those numbers alone are enough to cause anyone stress!

On a given day, if one’s stress levels are low, then the role that allergies play may not be as incredible. Although, if someone is experiencing a stressful day, enduring mental stress issues, or have any other types of mental disorders, then the chance of allergies being worse that day will increase. While there are plenty of over the counter medicines to treat the symptoms of allergies such as antihistamines like Claritin, or Benedryll, those medicines won’t help treat the stress that may be connected to it.

The discomfort of being unable to breathe can cause anxiety to flair up in a person with allergies. Some situations can become so unbearable, that it could cause potential panic attacks. Panic attacks usually occur the most in those who suffer from hay fever. When one has the fear of the feeling of being choked or unable to breathe-a panic attack can often become the result.

To keep from such attacks from happening to allergy sufferers, both the allergy and anxiety itself must be treated straight from the root of the problem. For those who suffer from allergies, over the counter antihistamines can help conquer those symptoms, while a low-dose prescription can be given from a doctor to treat the anxiety side of allergies. Both the medication and prescription must work together to maintain a healthy balance to keep an anxiety attack from happening when allergies are present.

Many of the symptoms from both allergies and anxiety have been found to relate to each other through scientific tests given being completed through variable groups. While both allergies have been found to trigger anxiety, medical science still has yet to completely confirm the connection.


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