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Can An Article Writing Course Help You Become A Better Writer?

  • By Andrew Morris
  • Published 03/24/2008
  • Article Writing

Is this a silly question? Not really, because while it is possible to learn how to craft a sentence and turn a phrase on your own, can you actually learn how to take that creative spark that dwells within and put it on paper (or on a screen)? Just as there are those who are born an artist, there are others who are born with the talent to write a novel, create a perfect sales letter, compel their readers to come along on a journey to another land, adventure or experience. But even these authors have learned, studied and applied their talent over time to become better at what they do, the art and craft of writing. While there are certainly writing courses delving into the proper turning of phrase, how to evoke an emotional response from the reader; for me the best writing course of all is “just write”, then learn from you did. Over the years, I have written articles, press releases, screenplays and I am now working on a novel. Often when I go back and read something I wrote long ago, I am amazed (not in a good way) about what I read. “Whew,” I say to myself, “who in the world wrote that?” And of course the writer was me. Over time as we mature and our life view changes and/or evolves, so too does our talent for writing.

Whether you are a natural writer, or someone who stares at a blank page struggling for the right words … write. Keep a j

ournal, write a short story, create a web page, start a blog, email your thoughts and feelings … as long as you keep the pen or keyboard at work. There is not a better teacher and instructor than your own persistence to achieve what you want. And if for you that is writing, then write. The other day I was asked to write a press release for a multi-national company. They sent me the facts, told me the key issues, then waited for me to deliver. I stared at the page, compiled the data into (what I thought) was a good press release. Guess what? They rejected it, saying it was hard to read. So what did I do, sulk? Well, maybe for a minute or two. I rewrote the article, listening this time to my inner writing voice; telling the same story but in a more captivating manner. When I sent this release, it was accepted and I was quickly paid, I learned from doing. I believe there are a multitude of talented men and women on the net, many of whom may have a very good course on “creative writing”, “how to write a good sales letter”, “how to write a good review”, and by all mean should you find a book or website that strikes your fancy, jump in. But even then, writing is more important than waiting for inspiration.

We all have an inner muse, use it to motivate yourself to exceed your even your own expectations and create something that is a masterpiece. Whether it is a novel or sales letter, web page or press release: research, write, refine, learn and accomplish.



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