Can Autism be Cured?

Of all the childhood illnesses and disorders, autism is causing quite the stir these days. Does that mean autism is more prevalent now than it ever was? Not really. The symptoms of autism have been around for decades. They are simply now classified as a disorder. If you don’t believe it, simply look up “adult autism” and see how many new cases have been discovered.

To cure any disease or disorder, one must first find the reason behind it. There is no definitive reason for autism, but there are some direct correlations that should be taken into account. For instance, the past few decades have seen a great increase in fast foods and unhealthy habits. Our bodies were not built to live on manmade chemicals, but on actual nutrients.

Today, children with autism tend to have a focus on foods in the form of certain shapes or specific food items. If you want confirmation that food has something to do with the autism spectrum, simply observe the types of foods that those with autism are focused on. It would be a rare event to find one focused primarily on a completely natural fruit, vegetable or meat. Mind you, this is purely based on observation, speculation and some cases where a change in diet has proven to have phenomenal results.

The problem today is that people want to cure everything in the form of a pill and it really isn’t that simple. Even in the case of autism, pills are used to deal with the symptoms, not the disorder itself. There is a vast difference and until people focus on that in reference to autism, there will never be a cure or a hope for a cure.

There is also another point to consider. Do those with autism want a cure? There are multiple testimonials available that suggest otherwise. In fact, the suggestion is actually that they are more aware of who they are than those without autism are. These are from those with autism that have used their disorder to their advantage and consider it to simply be a part of who they are. To them, it is not any more of an issue than what their favorite color is. Some people with autism resent our interference and need for them to be cured. They would simply like to be accepted for who they are.

Is it possible that the cure for autism is as simple as accepting it as a personality trait? Or, is it possible that eating natural foods can somehow “reset” the system so that the autism traits are no longer as apparent? Perhaps the cure for autism does not lie in medications and therapy for the person suffering from the disorder, but more in the way that society has chosen to live in world of fast food, fast talking and the demand for complete conformity. Perhaps we all need to think of this as we see someone who has autism. Did they know there was anything “wrong” with them before someone told them so? Or were they happy just as they are.


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