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Can cinnamon supplement help people to get rid of diabetes?

Cinnamon is of great help to the people suffering from diabetes. Various studies have been conducted to find out whether this aromatic spice will be beneficial for diabetic patient and how much it is safe when its interaction takes place with various other herbs and supplements?

  • Types of cinnamon used for diabetes treatment

Two varieties of cinnamon are available in the market including Ceylon and Cassia. Most of the Americans prefer to use Cassia Cinnamon for cooking. Moreover this variety of cinnamon is also used in the research work of curing diabetes. According to some of the research works, it is found that cinnamon has the power to reduce blood sugar level by lessening insulin resistance of the body.

  • Positive research study of cinnamon for diabetes

As per a research study, it is found that the volunteers who ate 1-6 Gms cinnamon for continuous 40 days have reduced their cholesterol level by almost 18% as well as blood sugar level by around 24%.

Another study also revealed the reduced blood sugar level in the volunteers who ate cinnamon together with rice pudding just after having their meal.

  • How much cinnamon is safe to be consumed?

Now the question is whether cinnamon is absolutely safe to be consumed by diabetic patient or not? It is safe for some patients of diabetes. However if a patient is having liver damage, then he or she must be very careful while taking cinnamon supplement regularly. It is due to the fact that taking large amount of cinnamon on a daily basis may enhance the chance of having liver problems.

  • Selecting quality brands for buying cinnamon

If you are having the plan to purchase cinnamon supplement, you should opt for brands having the label of quality seals like the US Pharmacopeia, NSF International, etc. This will help you to be sure of the ingredients used on the label. Besides you will also be free from the tension that the product is not having any sort of contaminant or harmful element.

  • Effects of cinnamon with other herbs or drugs

You should also be aware of the fact whether Cinnamon interacts with any other herb or drugs, before taking cinnamon for yourself or your dear ones. You must be careful about the after effects of taking cinnamon. As it lowers the glucose percentage in blood, you must be very cautious while consuming it with other supplements that lower the level of blood sugar such as Bitter Melon, Fenugreek, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Garlic, Horse Chestnut, Devil’s Claw, Siberian Ginseng, Chromium, Psyllium, Panax, etc.

  • Effects of cinnamon with diabetes medicines

Again you must be careful while taking cinnamon with diabetes medicine. If you as well as your doctors decide that cinnamon will be beneficial for your diabetic treatment, then you should pay heed to the blood sugar of your body. You must inform your doctor if the sugar level in your blood falls down very low. In addition you should also be very careful of consuming cinnamon with other drugs that have a chance to affect your liver. You should check with the doctor before taking cinnamon and know the side effects of cinnamon.

Consult with the best diabetes doctor and then include cinnamon in your daily diet.

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