Can’t Get Enough Data Storage Space? Consider These External Hard Drives

Need more hard disk space to supplement that of your existing hard disk which is fast running low? Don’t fancy opening your PC case and installing an additional disk? Would you like to use your hard disk in different computers? Would you like a unit that you could easily carry around? Well, an external hard disk is the solution for you. Here are some models worth considering.

Plextor Portable Hard Disk

If size matters to you, this is the hard disk to go for. You can easily slip this into your pocket. This 2.5in external device comes with a capacity of 320GB with an eSATA connection to boot. What’s more, a cable is also supplied unlike other drives. Tests have shown that it is capable of transferring a 650 MB file under ten seconds. The read time is also impressive. Good if you’re planning a SATA upgrade in the near future.

Western Digital My Passport Elite

If a stylish design is a concern, you could opt for this model, if you don’t mind forking out some extra bucks. Its curved corners and the combination of metallic silver and black finish is pleasing on the eye. Weighing only about 200g it can easily fit your pocket.

If you’re not considering SATA in the near future, then this would be the drive to go for. It comes in the 250GB and 320GB versions.

A notable feature is it’s warranty which lasts for five years. A good buy if you’re planning for long-term use as you would not have to worry about repair costs. Most other hard disk manufacturers offer up to three years warranty only for a similar product. My Passport also comes with an excellent Windows back up software.

LaCie External Hard Disk

If you’re looking for a drive with a huge capacity, then LaCie is an excellent choice. It boasts one terabyte of disk space. With its plain black finish, it may not be the stylish model you’re looking for, but it makes up for it in terms of performance.

This drive, too, does not have SATA support, but USB data transfer is pretty fast. A 50MB file could be transferred in less than two seconds. If you can never get enough disk space, go for this.

Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus

This is a desktop 1 TB hard disk weighing about a kilogram. You may not like its angular shape which sits something like a pyramid on your desk. However, its performance can never be called into question. There’s firewire support if you’re a fan of one. The only shortcoming is that it doesn’t support SATA.

Western Digital My Book Home Edition

If you’re looking for a versatile external hard disk and don’t mind the price, My Book will fit the bill. This 1TB hard disk comes with USB, Firewire and SATA support. This Western Digital model, too, comes with a five-year warranty. Package includes USB and Firewire cables.


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