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Capacitive iPad / Touchscreen Stylus with Pen by AYL


Capacitive iPad and Touchscreen Stylus with Pen by AYL and Kindle Fire

I’ve had a few requests for a review of a capacitive stylus for use on a touchscreen such as an Kindle Fire, Android Tablet, or iPad.  This particular capacitive stylus by AYL seemed like the best available on Amazon when I started reading reviews and doing my research so I thought I’d give it a try.


The AYL Capacitive iPad and Touchscreen Stylus with Pen and Refill

This capacitive stylus by AYL caught my attention because of the great reviews and nice looks, but also because it contains a pen as well.  I was surprised by the number of these out there that do not offer a pen, it seems like a waste to have a one function tool when it could easily be made into a multi-function tool without compromising the design.  The roller ball refill that comes with this pen is a standard size refill and for a generic brand writes surprisingly well, and you actually get two of them.  There were no skips and the color is quite dark and bold, without any bleeding or feathering issues.


Tip of the Capacitive Stylus Pen

If you click on the image above you can see that the metal body of this capacitive stylus has a metalic black finish with a swirling set of grooves that sweep down teh entire body for a nice pattern, but also for a bit of extra grip.  With the cap on, the stylus measures 5 3/4″ and with the cap posted it is about 6 1/2″ long.  I did find the pen slightly top heavy when writing with the cap posted, but it wasn’t too bad.  Another thing to note is that after you remove the cap and either re-close it or post it, you have to resist your urge to press it on from the top, and smushing the tip.


Capacitive iPad and Touchscreen Stylus with Pen by AYL Cap Posted

With the cap posted, the pen is slightly top heavy, however it is nice that you can post the cap, write, AND still use the stylus all in one motion without any extra effort.  Speaking of effort, I’ve read a few reviews that the tip is too soft and cuts into the metal housing when you use it, however I definitely did not find that to be the case.  The minimal amount of effort that it takes to use the tip on a touchscreen has me wondering how people don’t also break or scratch their screen if they are pressing that hard.  The nicest benefit of the stylus as opposed to using your finger is that it doesn’t leave any smudges or streaking behind.

If I could change one thing about this capacitive stylus by AYL, it would be the clip.  Although its very strong and nice looking, I think it is TOO strong.  There is absolutely no give to it, so I was completely unable to try and clip it onto the side of the case for my Kindle.  Otherwise this is a great little stylus, but I will definitely be checking out a few more for comparisons sake.

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