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Cape verde holidays for relaxation, adventure, and fun filled activities

Cape Verde is a newly discovered archipelago of 10 main islands almost 500km west of Africa. Each of the 10 islands boasts luscious sandy beaches, stunning scenery, ultimate relaxation and offers out of the world experience. Recently discovered it is considered a Paradise on Earth. The diversity in its scenic beauty that comprises of white beaches, turquoise oceans, wild volcanoes and Riberia Grande makes it an ultimate holiday destination. It’s the rich blend of holiday experience that makes Cape Verde an ideal holiday destination for all.

Whether you are a sports enthusiast or like to spend your holidays calmly on the beaches under the sun, Cape Verde will not disappoint you. For all those who like to spend their holidays close to nature Cape Verde offers them walking holidays on the more lush mountainous Islands with the stunning views and scenery. Horse riding, tennis, bird watching are some of the other activities that you can enjoy on this little beach paradise on earth. Sol Melia Resort Holidays in Sal is one of the best ways to enjoy the beautiful white sandy beaches and spend your holiday in luxury while in Cape Verde.

On other hand, if you are one of those who like to spend your holidays in a little more exciting way Cape Verde has a perfect wind condition for wind and kite surfers. Diving and fishing are also what you may enjoy spending your time while you are holidaying in Cape Verde.

Windsurfing Holidays Cape Verde

Out of the 10 islands, Sal is the main area for windsurfing. The bay has a white sandy beach stretching for approximately 4km with a steep sand entry in parts. With good waves almost around the year this place is extremely popular with professional wind surfers. If you are new to windsurfing, there are a few surfing centres on Sal Island that teach surfing to all from beginners to advanced.

Kitesurfing Holidays Cape Verde

The wind directions and water conditions are the most favourable for all those who plan to enjoy kitesurfing holidays Cape Verde. Deep water, flat as well as wavy water conditions, ensures that kite surfers experience the best of climatic conditions that they will be unable to find elsewhere.

Scuba Diving Cape Verde

Scuba Diving Cape Verde holidays are also extremely popular among the travellers. Unlike others the seas are filled with sharks, tuna, dolphins and turtles. You will meet shoals of bream, triggerfish, rockfish and perch and a wide variety of unusual underwater reef. Diving with unusual sea animals will surely make your diving experience an unmatchable one.

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