Car Advertising for Money

Who would have ever thought you could drive your car and make money? Well, I did not, but it seems it could be that simple. There are companies offering to pay people to either drive their own vehicles with the companies advertisements plastered on it or drive a loaner vehicle that has advertisements around the outside for up to $1,000 a month. Depending on the area, the advertiser and the number of miles a person drives.

I first heard about this way of making extra money from a friend and began checking into it. I actually thought it would be another one of those make money quick schemes, but it is not. It seems these are legitimate jobs, or something like one. A person is paid for the miles they drive, allowing advertisers to receive unlimited visibility and gain name recognition. Whether you are a road warrior and hit the pavement all day every day or a stay at home mom, who runs the kids from school, to ball practice, PTA, the grocery store and doctor’s offices. It seems advertisers are looking for a variety of people.

When checking out a few sites that offer people the opportunity to sign up for a chance to drive for money, it seems there are two options. A person can either drive their own vehicle with adds adhered to the outside or be allowed to drive the company’s car with advertisements wrapped around the exterior. Either way, the person will be paid a fair amount of money for driving their normal routes. The advertiser will pay for the car advertisements and all you have to do is drive.

There are several online companies, which seem to be locating people for advertisement companies. They are in search of people who meet a certain criteria the company desires. Such as moms in minivans, who stay on the road running errands around town, to school, church and ball practice. Another company may be looking for the average teenager who rides around listening to their loud music with their friends. Some companies may be looking for a particular route a person drives, characteristics of a person, or a particular brand of car.

When signing up for a chance to work with one of these companies, a person will need to answer several personal questions. Including their zip code, the length of their daily commute, how long they spend on the highway, the highways they travel daily, age, gender, race, hobbies, the car they drive, and several other questions. The advertising company will use these questions to profile a person and match them with a company that is in search of their profile.

While there are several companies offering these services online, why not try to gain advertising abilities on your own. If this is something that interests you, think of some terms and conditions and how you could turn your own car into a moving advertisement and seek advertisers on your own, whether it is the Movie Theater, car dealership, cell phone provider, or computer software company. There could be someone in your area that has never heard of this type of advertising and may be interested in using your car to help promote there business.


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