Car Insurance Tips for Women Drivers

Who of us has never heard a guy say: ‘When I give my car keys to my wife, she’ll ruin the car!’ or: ‘She can’t drive straight. She always runs into something!’

Excuse me???

Despite these popular beliefs amongst men, women are no worse car drivers than they are. On the contrary, women drivers have been recognized as being the better drivers as they are more careful in traffic!

Women drivers exercise more caution while being on the road – this is statistically proven. These statistics say that:

  • 92% of the convictions for driving offences are for men.
  • Men are responsible for 98% of all convictions for dangerous driving.
  • Women are less aggressive in traffic.
  • Women drivers are likely to drive more slowly (most of them keep to the traffic signs).
  • Although women drivers have just as many accidents as men, they tend to be less serious (more damage to the car, less to the people inside).

A woman tends to plan the route to the place she want to reach in advance. She’ll avoid places where the traffic is extremely busy and rather take another – perhaps longer – route. Another point for consideration is that a lot of the younger women also make efficient use of their car’s engine. They try to combine several short trips into one, or share a ride with friends and neighbors. They’ll drive smoothly and won’t suddenly break too often.

These are a couple of reasons why car insurances for women driver – especially those under 45 years of age – have become a lot cheaper.

So, if you are a female driver and you need a car insurance, you can go talk with the insurance company and ask is they’ll give you a lower monthly (or annual) insurance premium. At least they’ll settle for a discount!

When you want a good deal, there are some things you’d better keep in mind.

  • Before you even go and speak with a company or broker, do a search online. There are companies that specialize in offering insurances to women, for a discount of about 10%. You could also ask one of your friends which company she uses and what her opinion is.
  • Once you go and speak with a company or broker, you can best give them a detailed description of your driving history. Especially when you have a clean record and have never been involved in a car accident, you’ll be in a good position to negotiate a lower premium. The broker will be able to have an idea of the different options you have, when you present him with your overview.
  • What is also important is that you should know about the terms of payment, before you sign the contract. Many companies offer plans for a full year or even for two years. Other companies want payments made on an installment basis. Don’t be afraid to ask for more information! Remember your needs and check out all the options first.

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