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car seat tray table16

  • By panda will
  • Published 09/27/2011

We love to this Booster Seat. It’s reasonably priced and it has every feature that parents in real life demand. The great: 1) It travels well, as possible completely folded in and it is straps used to make it over a shoulder just like a pack. 2) It can be set at 3 different heights for different tables and for your growing toddler. 3) car seat tray table It straps on securely and above all – QUICKLY! 4) All straps adjust, both towards the chair and to your youngster. 5) It doesn’t possess cloth or nasty nooks that are tough to clean… Just a quick wipedown is that’s usually necessary. 6) Has a detachable tray using a food tray that is included with a protective cover. So that you can have fun with playdough for five minutes before dinner around the main tray, then bust out your covered dinner when you’re ready! Very convenient and sturdy. 7) Solid construction. Our VERY strong 2 years old can’t get free from it or break parts off. 8) Straps will come off (after some work) to allow them to be tossed in a washer 9) The foodstuff tray is is it dishwasher safe 10) It’s going to grow together with you being a booster seat although you may avoid it a standalone “high” chair. I can not think about anything bad regarding it and that’s saying something in the parenting world. Buy it and never look back. Actually, we merely devote a purchase for second one so we can leave one out of the car therefore we will never be without. It’s simply fantastic. Our child has started requesting this seat rather than his (future retired) chair. He loves eating dinner in the same table along with his Mom and Dad. nopicture-1413514



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