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Car tax calculator

  • By Mike Kelley
  • Published 10/13/2009
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To overcome the increasing rate of pollution, government of United Kingdom has taken a vital step against the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere by the vehicles. The government has enforced new Co2 based UK car tax rates according to which the owner whose vehicle emits more Co2 is liable to pay more car tax. To avoid paying more car tax rates one should opt for the greener vehicles and should do tax planning solicitously all through the year.So if you are planning to buy a new cost-effective car then it is recommended that you use car emissions calculator available online to compare the various models of cars on the basis of car tax. Car tax calculator gives an indication of the car tax charges that you would be likely to pay. In order to calculate car tax you require simple details relevant to fuel type, transmission details like manual, automatic or both, manufacturer, car model and specific Euro standard. Once these details are fed into the car tax calculator it would generate the applicable car tax rates payable for chosen timeframe.

The main idea behind the road car tax is to reduce the use of the vehicles that cause high rate of pollution. Car tax calculat

or UK is designed to promote the use of fuel efficient greener cars that produces less CO2. Based on the amount of CO2 produced, car tax rates can be judged in a series of payment bands. There are seven car road tax bands starting from A to G. Cars emitting up to 100g/km gas falls in band A whereas those between 101-120km/km in band B, from 121-150g/km in band C and so on. If your car falls in band A or band B then you are excused from increased car tax.But if your car is not environment friendly and emits a lot of CO2 gas, then it’s definitely going to burst your financial budgets. The use of fuel efficient greener cars is extremely easy on the pocket as well as the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that fossil-fuel vehicles emit 1 ½ billion tons of greenhouse gases into the environment each year and changing to green transportation would reduce this a lot. It is also estimated that eco-friendly car owners are currently saving £165.40 per year on fuel compared to those driving standard cars. So before purchasing any vehicle first calculate car tax and then go for the deal.Mike Kelley is an expert in his field and provides useful information on Car Tax Calculator and how to obtain the best new car deals and fuel efficient cars. nopicture-2309450

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by Mike Kelley



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