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Caramel Pilot G2 Refill Review


Pilot G2 Caramel Package

I’ve often written about how the Pilot G2 (especially the black .7mm) is awful and I can honestly say I consider it my Penemesis…get it Pen-Nemesis? OK, maybe not as clever as I think, but I’ve seriously never understood the love for the G2 after all of the testing that I’ve done that shows how awful they write. Today we will take a look at the .7mm Caramel Pilot G2 refill from JetPens.  The last time we looked at a different color refill was the .7mm Orange version over two years ago.


Pilot G2 Caramel Refill Comparison to Black

The Caramel Pilot G2 refill is in the front of the picture above, and there are two things to note about this photo.  First, for those that are unaware, or have not seen before, the way that Pilot makes it easy to distinguish between different colors of their refill is though the color of the plug that closes up the top of the refill cartridge, which can be see on the left side of this picture.  The other thing that has always bothered me about Pilot G2 refills (at least in the black version) is that awful blackish-brown sludge that is at the top of the gel ink in the cartridge, and that appears not to be an issue in the caramel refill.  Obviously it doesn’t impact the performance of the pen, but I’ve always hated the way this looked in the clear body of a Pilot G2.  It just looks dirty to me and if you have a clear bodied pen, everyone can see it, but as I said this issue is resolved with the Caramel Pilot G2 refill.  Not sure if Pilot has fixed this on their black refills as I have not looked in a while but I’ll have to keep an eye out, unless anyone here has purchased or seen them lately?


Reminder – Here is the Black Pilot G2 Writing Sample in a Black n’ Red Notebook from a Previous Review

The photo above is from an old review of a Pilot G2 that points out some of the writing issues that bother me about the G2.  I wanted to share this as well as that old review just to give perspective on how the Caramel Pilot G2 refill compares.

Caramel Pilot G2 refill writing sample:

Pilot G2 Caramel Writing Sample

So now to compare…the Caramel Pilot G2 refill is clearly a much better performer than its black counterpart.  It showed no signs of feathering or skipping, nor were there any clumpy or spotty patches left behind while writing.  Additionally, the caramel color is really nice and a makes for a nice change of pace in  your writing repertoire. The overall experience with the Caramel Pilot G2 refill is worlds better than that of the black, so I’m happy I tried it out.  You can grab a two pack of the .7mm Caramel Pilot G2 refill from JetPens, where I got these.  Oh, and the obligatory reminder/disclaimer that I received these as part of our relationship with JetPens as one of the supporters of our twice monthly giveaway that you should make sure you go sign up for.

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