Card Counting and How To Pull it Off Like the Pros Do

We all look for advantages in life in one way or another and in the world of card playing that advantage has a name, card counting. Card counting is a tactic in which a player tries to determine the percentage of high cards to low ones when at the card table. This approach is most often used when playing the game Black Jack and is thought to be so effective that casinos consider it illegal and will be quick to ban a player who is caught. Interested? Well, if so the following article will act as your guidelines to the strategy of card counting and how it can be effective for you.

First it is important to get the gist of blackjack and how counting the cards can be an effective method. Black jack is a card game where seven players oppose a dealer who stands behind a semi-circular table, to deal out the cards. The object of the game is to beat the dealer’s hand by having a higher card sum then he/she while not breaking the total of 21. When one goes over the sum of 21 it is often referred to as “busting”. The players go first and lay out their hand and wait for the deal to counter. If the dealer goes over 21 the player wins, if nobody goes over the dealer’s hand, the winner is the player with the largest hand not breaking 21.

The card counting system was developed in order for the player to receive the hand of cards that has the best ratio of high cards dealt in it. To the player a hand with aces, 10’s, kings, queens and jacks is a superior hand. In order to effectively count cards the player will first need to keep a keen eye on the dealer and make sure to watch every card that is dealt carefully. Next the player will need to minus one for each of the cards that are prized at 10 and add on one-half for the card with a value fewer than ten.

When aces are dealt they should be disregarded so that the cards with the value of ten will be consistent in the final cards dealt. Keep the count ongoing until the dealer has reshuffled. It is also important to learn the best time to raise your bet, which is generally when their seems to be a surplus of high numbered cards left in the hand. Be sure to watch the deck to keep an eye on the number of cards left. The more cards left in the deck the bigger the tally must be before you alter the wage.

Card counting although frowned upon by casinos has been in existence for years and used by the best players in the world. When mastered it can be an effective way to achieve the upper hand in blackjack. The best way to master the strategy is to practice and learn to keep a keen eye on the dealer’s movements.


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